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no need to know

Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: my rented room
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

I meet my now my husband during my final year at u, when I was doing practicum at his workplace. My husband is far older than me (20 years) but I don’t care because he was really sexy. It was me who did the first move on him.

He was my first kiss up to my first lovemaking experience. I was really inexperienced but he was patient with me. He gave me my first kiss after 3 days going out. 1 week after that, he ask for my permission to deflower me but I was afraid that it was all lust. Besides, I love him very much and want to be sure that he loves me too. He sucked my nipple and licked all over my body. He rubbed my clit and gave me my first big O. After that, I please him using my hand.

The next week we were making out and after having some beer, I still remember we were watching Original Sin when he asked me to bring him to my room. We had been kissing and heavily petting each other at the couch and I thought that he wanted to kiss some more in the privacy of my room. So I said OK. When we entered my room, he suddenly switched off the lamp, lock the door and kiss me on the lips. I did not have the time to say no. He undressed me and took off my bra and laid me down on my bed.

It feels so nice that I actually pretending not wanting him to take me then (haha) but he got more excited and took my jeans and panties off. He kissed me all over, whispering love and sucked and licked my breast (it was heaven!) – it is his favourite part (still is!) – my size is 38D – and went on top of me. I still remember myself saying – do you really love me? Will you really marry me? He said yes – I will marry you, I am doing this so that you will only marry me and not someone else.

I was fully aroused and wet. He put himself inside me but it was so painful. He was moderately long and big.7 1/2″ x 2 1/2 I cried but at the same time enjoyed it. He was gentle with me but he was hard like stick. He pumped on me for some 15 minutes and cum inside my virgin womb. His sperm was warm and it eased my pain a bit.

I cried (pretending again haha) and he calmed me. 20 minutes after that he was hard again. Our second time was still painful but he said that it will get better. He climaxed again inside me.

After that we got dressed. He wanted to go back but I was having stomach cramp and still in a lot of pain. He decided otherwise and stayed with me that night, but did not touch me again because I was still in pain.

I moved to his house and we were very active – daily sometimes 4-6 times a day at the 6 month. It was still painful when he entered me the first 30-40 time so he satisfy me orally before pumping on me. My husband is really great on bed I cannot ask for more! He showed me 69, doggie style, whatever you name it. Not anymore now, otherwise we will die haha! At first he wanted to climax outside me but I don’t like it so everytime we did it he release it inside.

We still laughed when we recall our first time together. Now we already married 4 1/2 years and have a daughter but we are still like electric. Sometimes when there are people inside the house I bring him to our room and locked it and give him a blowjob or a quickie. I like to suck his penis sometime when he is driving. I actually asked him to take my ass and he did – I think it was OK but front is better. My husband says I am a crazy lady. Haha but he love it all the same!

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