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Age when it happend: 14
Langauge: Englesh
Sex: Female
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

I felt so nervous. We were performing for my whole school, as well as many parents. It was 2003, We were doing a school performance of Beauty and the Beast. I was going to play a salt shaker, who had a crush on chip. As the curtains opened I could feel cold air brushing against my face and moving my hair to the side. I saw a bright almost blinding light, and directly underneath it was a large crowd of people. The children sitting Indian stile in the front, and parents sitting in plastic chairs in the back. I stood on the side of the curtains barely visible as the first scene began. I could hear laughs in the audience as I looked for my parents in the crowd, I couldn’t find them. My eyes eventually locked on to my brother, Josh. He was 27 at the time. I hadn’t really known him that well because he had moved out on his own when I was only 3. I had always found something very attractive about him, I guess I didn’t really think of him as a brother.
As the play ended, we all bowed while holding hands as the parents and kids applauded. Shortly after, almost everyone in the gymnasium had cleared out. I saw a figure come out from the shadows, it was josh clapping. “Good job kido, the whole two minutes of stage time you got was terrific!” He said in a sarcastic voice. I asked where mom and dad were and he told me that dad had fractured his arm while leaving work and he was in the hospital. Apparently they had aclled him and asked him to come support me instead.I was one of five kids who had signed up to double as stage crew, since I had a small role it was easy to do both the play and clean up. “Nicole, will you help me put up all these chairs.” Mrs. Carper (my drama teacher) asked. “I’ll help” Josh inserted Josh stayed behind with me and the other four kids and mrs. Carper. He was a big helped and did alot of the more complicated jobs. We finished at about 8 PM. As we left the school Josh had to go to the bathroom, but became agitated after he found the bathrooms were locked. “Damnit, are there any other bathrooms in this place?” He asked. “Yes, but they are all locked too.. The custodians locked them up when they left a few hours ago.” I responded. “Oh well” Josh said as he pushed me out the door. He parked in the back of the school so we had to walk around back. I could feel his hands on my shoulders and I could feel his cock through his sweat pants. It was fall time and dark out, we were all alone in the parking lot, so he said “I’ll be right back” as he walked over to a dumpster. I saw him pull down the front of his sweat pants and pull out the biggest cock I had ever seen. I hadn’t seen many though, I was only 14. He went pee for about 30 seconds, when he finished he shook his thick meat and pull his pants back up. His cock now had an outline that was showing obviously through his sweat pants. He asked if I was ready.. I couldn’t even take my eyes of his glorious cock. He quickly realized what I was looking at and apologized for not wearing any underwear and asked me to not tell mom and dad. I promised I wouldn’t. We got in his car, I could smell his air freshener strongly. I looked down at his crotch again and he saw I was looking at it. He was so distracted he forgot to put his car in reverse and pushed the gas and drove up onto the curb. The curb was about 6 inches off of the sidewalks, and then when he put the car in reverse and tried to back out, he front wheels weren’t working properly. We got out of the car and began pushing on the front, attempted to push it off the curb, but it wouldn’t budge. He decided he didn’t want to mess with it anymore because he didn’t want to risk messing anything up under neath it, he said we should just call a professional. We decided just to walk back to mom and dads house, which wasn’t that far away. As we started walking he asked me if I had seen him pee. I responded Yes.. and I told him that he had a really really big thing. Have you ever even seen another one before? I got really embarrassed and said “Maybe…” He shook his head and laughed and said what ever. He also said he knew what it was like to grow up with those curiosities and if I had any questions I could ask him. Long story short. He ended up pulling out his cock again so I could see it more up close. It was soooooo fucking long and started to stick up. I could feel my pussy getting wet and flexing. I really really wanted to be fucked. I got on my knees and grabbed it with one of my hands.. It barely fit around it. MY fingers couldn’t touch my thumb. I asked if I could taste it. He said Yes. I put it in my mouth, I had to open extra wide to fit the head in. It was so thick I started to choke. He asked if I had ever fingered myself. I said I tried to but it hurt to bad. He lifted up my dress and pulled my pants to the side and forced his thick index finger inside me. I felt the worste pain in my life, but it was also the best feeling I ever had. Nothing had ever been inside me, not even a tampon. As he contued to move his finger around blood leaked onto it and he said my cherry had popped. He asked if I wanted his cock inside me. I said yes. He laid my down on the grass and slid it in. It was soo long I thought it was going to burst out my back. I held onto his firm ass as he bounded my faster. I felt soo happy and like everything in my life was perfect. He continued the speed up. When I realized that I orgasmed. It started in my pussy and moved throughout my whole body. My toes crapped apart. my pussy flex shut and it begam difficult for my brother to continue fucking me. He grabbed me by my left leg and lifted it up a little bit, I was nearly upside down, my right leg was hanging loosely and my left leg was gripped tighly in his hands. I realized what he was doing, he was going to fuck my ass hole. He pressed his tick cock head against my ass hole and pushed really hard, after a few seconds it shot inside. I felt my hole body shake from pain, he started sliding in and out and gaining speed. My hole was in so much pain but I didnt want it to stop. As he went in and out my head was banging against the grass and I had to steady myself with my arms. I could feel alot of the blood rushing to my head. Then I felt hot creamy thick liquid enter my ass hole and oooze out the top. As it did josh let go and my whole body fell to the ground, his thick juicy cum began leaking out of my ass hole all over the grass. I got up and licked the last few drops of it all off his cock, it was really spicy but sweet at the same time. “You need to lay off the salt I said jokingly” He pulled me up and I fixed my dress and he pulled his sweat pants up. We continued walking and he made me promise I would never tell anyone about it. In return I asked if he would continue to fuck me when ever I asked. He agree’d. Ever since that night I have gotten my brothers big cock when ever I asked for it.

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