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Nick wife and stranger

Age when it happend: 28
Where it happened: Bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I’m Nick married to Samantha 4 yrs ago,it happened right after one yrs and I was shocked to see samantha going to wild and getting fucked by stranger we picked from a shopping mall. It started the night I was fucking my wife eating her cream dripping from her clit,while doing it I asked her how does she’ll feel if some stranger was fucking her instead of me,she replied with “NO WAY” after that we never speaked on this topic.

It was our second marriage anniversary and we were having fun with each other’s bodies suddenly she asked what I wud feel if somebody else fuck’s her in front of me, I got even more horny then ever, I asked her if she could do that she replied with “Yes Anything for You Darling”,then we decided to pick a stranger and bring him home fuck her.

After 2 days while in shopping mall I was choosing a jeans for myself I saw a guy in trying room trying his pants he was cute and aged about 22 to 23yrs, he took off the pants as the door was lil open I cud see him clearly that his dick is bulging out of his underwear, I called Samantha and showed her that guy and his bulging dick her eyes were telling she is getting thirsty for it, I’ve choosen pants for myself and rushed we rushed to the billing counter were that boy was also paying his bill, started a coversation with him(cutting it short) then we went to a bar for some beer at that time samantha and stephen was looking at each other in a very erotic way,we moved back to the car and offered him a dinner at our place we went home and had dinner and sat in the sitting room having chit chat while samantha went upstairs.

Wow I was shocked to see my wife when she stepped down from stairs she was looking sexy and hot tooo…. She was wearing denim shorts and sleeveless T-shirt and her bust line was completely out of that shirt. She came and sat with stephen and put her hand on stephen’s thigh and started to rub it while talking to him,I could see his erection in his pant and in few second’s they both were kissing and smooching.

He started to take of my wife’s cloths as did she!! She was rubbing his dick and started sucking it and deepthroating it as I cud hear his moan’s “oohhh yeaah baby” he pulled samantha and strated to suck her clit putting his whole tounge in her and suckin it and drinking the juices coming out of her pussy and she was moaning loud screaming “hmmmm ahhhh darling feeling soo good”, she was waiting stephen to put his whole dick inside her pussy and fuck her wildly, as he spat on her pussy and inserted his dick inside her and she moaned loud “AAHH AAAAHHHH yeahhh sweetoo yeahh fuck me hard yeaah” she was getting wild and soon she had one orgasm and I was geeting erection while watching my wife fucked by other guy wow she got to horny and she was getting hard to handle as stephen moved on her back and started to fuck her from back in her clit and she was enjoying it and asking him to “yeeaahh stephy boy fuck Nick’s wife yeah fuck me like a whore baby yeaaahh ohhhh hmmmm ahhhhhh come inside me” she was getting fucked in front of my eyes and I just can’t believe that she is really getting fucked by other man as she was in his arms and getting her clit opened with his 8″ dick,suddenly she asked me “Nick baby come and fuck my arse baby plzz come fuck me” I removed my cloths and then we both fucked my wife in both holes at same time and she was moaning and screaming too loud “AAAAHHHH YEAHHHH OOOOHHHH FUCK YOUR BITCH NICK SHE IS RAMMED BY OTHER GUY YEAHHh FUCK ME GUYS I’m FUCKING HORNY YEAHHHHH AHHHHHHHHH NICK AAAHHHHH STEPHEN UR DICK IS BIG DARLING YEAHHHHHH” she was so wild and then asking us both to cum inside her,I came inside her cunt and stephen cum on her mouth and she ate all of it and sucked his dick for 15mins even after getting fucked by him and he was sucking her boobs then both of them were kissing each other and she was rubbing his penis and asking him to come some other day and fuck her again and make her satisfy like this. Then we took shower and went to drop him and she got fucked in car again by him he fucked her like a slut and she was moaning “ohhhh stephy baby fuck me everyday yeahhh hmmmm ohhhhh ahhhhh hmmm yeah” and he came inside her ass this time and then we droped him and she gave him a passtionate kiss while leaving and sucked his tounge WOW my wife is really horny.

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