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Nick & Nora

Age when it happend: 19
Where it happened: Sister's bedroom
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

My little sister, Nora, had a bedroom next to mine on the second floor of our house outside Boston. She was a cute kid, but a few years younger than me and I’d never had a sexual thought about her in my whole life. One weekend, I was home from school and our parents were away for a few days. Nora told me that she was going to have her friend, Kate, come to stay with her for the night. Kate too was a cute kid, but four or five years younger than me and not somebody I thought of on a sexual way. During the day I came home from visiting some friends and I saw Nora’s bedroom door open and could hear some music playing so I went right into her room without giving it a second though. Nora wasn’t right there, but Kate was lying on the bed facing the mirror completely naked and touching herself. I tried to quietly back out of the rooom so as not to embarass her, but just then Nora came walking out of the bathroom and she was naked too. She yelled a little and that startled Kate and suddenly everyone was upset and crying and stuff. I tried to calm things down a little and put them at ease. They both got dressed quickly. They were afraid that I was going to tell our parents that they were wanking together up in the room and that they’d get in trouble (?). I assumed them I wouldn’t and that let them know that there was nothing wrong with masturbation. They asked if I’d ever done it and I blushed a little, but told them that I had. They wanted to talk about and know what it felt like for a guy, etc. We talked for a few minutes and then Kate pointed out that I looked “kinda hard” to her. She suggested that I join them. I told them that I didn’t think it was such a good idea, but they both seemed to think it was really a cool thing to do. We all slowly and cautiously got undressed. We sat on the floor. THey sat across from me and folded their legs “indian” style so I had a great look at their pussies. Both had pubic hair, but it was trimmed neatly. Both had kinda small titties; Nora had very small pink nipples that were really hard and erect while Katie had bigger rounder softer lookiing nippies. Kate was teh first to start touching herself and she slowly slipped a finger in her snatch. Watching that got me really hard. Just seeing my sister naked got me really hard too. I started to stroke my wood and the girls slid a little closer to watch me. Katie decided to lay back and was really pounding at her puss and using her thumb on her clit. She was wet and wwas showing it. Iwas surprised to seeher go at it so hard with us in the room with her. After a couple minutes of watching her do this I couldn’t take it any more and told them I was going to cum. THey both scooted closer again and when I blew it was big and spurted about two feet. SOme of my jizz landed on Katie’s hair and some hit Nora on the tits. I reached over and rubed it off of Nora’s boobs and it made me hard again almost instantly. THey both orgasmed a few mintues later. It was amazing to watch them both get off like that.
Later that night, Nora came to my room to talk about what had happened. She told me that she and Katie did wanked together all the time and were pretty comfortable with each otehr, but really didn’t want it to get around. I promised I wouldn’t disappoint them and that I’d keep their little secret. Nora opened her robe and showed me her nakedness again. I was as hard as a rock. She reached under the covers and graspped my cock and began to stroke it gently. When I told her I was going to cum, she took off her robe completely and leaned down over my cock and kept pumping until I blew my load all over her chest and then she aimed the last shot if jiz at her thighs. She then took my hand and asked me to rub it in.

Nora and I never had sex together, but she did watch Kate and I fuck a couple of times and the three if us used to jerk off together every chance we got.

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