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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: My room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

      The first time I ever had sex was a while ago. There was this girl I really liked. she was so funny,and pretty and smart! She was black and had a real nice butt and nice boobs…I liked her personality alot but I couldn’t help but to notice her  “other assets” I was 15 and white…i figured she’d never go for me..She was in some of my classes I always used to hear her laugh and see her smile damn it made me hot! She’s so damn pretty I used to think to myself I gotta have her.
    So pretty soon we became real close I was always looking over her defending her and making sure she wasn’t with any other guy. I got one of my friends to ask her if she was a virgin… She was! I was psyched! She was like my best girl friend but she used to say some things that made me question if she’d done it or not. 

      I learned from my brother that once you take a girls virginity they’ll want u forever…so that was my plan…only I was a virgin too. So I had my brother & cousins tell me everything about sex and how to be good at it. Pretty soon I had the routine down. I’d make her come over tell her she smelled good and make out with her..from there we’d just get it on. But it wasn’t that easy. First I had to get her over my house. 

     So one day during school I told her I’d help her with her math at the library after school. So we get to the library and I tell her it’d be easier to focus at my house. She followed me there. We were sitting close on my couch I planned on making a move on her from there but here’s where she changed up the game and made everything easier for me! She goes hey Nick I don’t have a pencil! SCORE! I was like ok let me go look for one so I went to my room and started lookin around and naturally she followed me!  She came in and took a seat on my bed while she waited for her pencil. I got one from my desk and handed it to her. Then I took a seat and stared at her. 

     She got up and said thanks I pulled her back down and said wait. Hey Sammy I really like you. and kissed her. She like froze and I pulled her closer to me. I made out with her real good for like five minutes then I started reaching up her shirt and she stopped me and yelled no. I don’t remember what I said but it was something like you should trust me…I won’t hurt you and she let me take her shirt off! Damn her titties were better than I’d ever imagined so big and round and soft and squishy ugh!!! I sucked em, I squeezed em , I licked em! Shit they were the first boobs id ever seen! So I took my shirt off too and pushed her farther up the bed and peeled off her pants. She was wearing pink panties with candy canes and lace edges victoria secret. Classy! I  went to pull those off too but she pushed me away and rip the sheet off my bed to cover up..and pushed up against a wall like a scared cat! I went to calm her and she threw a bunch of curse words at me sayin she knew this was all I was after…i felt like giving up. But in the back of my head I was thinking fuck that I’ve been dreaming of her pussy all year! I’ve put too much in to get nothing  out. I’m gettin that pussy one way or another. So I went up to her and she punched me, she scratched me and told me to give her back her fucking bra. I grabbed her hand and pinned her up in the corner. I had a good 20lbs on her. So I kissed her again and said baby I love you. relax Im not gonna hurt you you’ve known me for so long..I kissed her again and told her I wouldn’t hurt her. And honestly I don’t know how the hell i did it or what it was that I said but I got her to go back to my bed.
I slipped those sexy panties of her and got on top. I kissed her and sucked on those huge brown tits again! Mmm. Her nips were like Hersheys kisses! Then I went down on her. She really liked that! She started getting real loud. Then i Fingered her a little and touched her clean shaved brown cunt with my hard dick. It was so clean closed tight folded. She shivered when I touched her. I had to hold her open to put it in. She was so pink! I gave it one good push and she screamed then tried to shut her legs but I was already in her. I pulled her thighs closer to me and pulled her to my chest so I could hold her while she cried. It’s okay baby! I said. It hurt me to hear her cry like that she always acted so tough I never thought I’d see her like that. I wanted to make her smile again. So I pushed again. She moaned but it wasn’t as bad as before. I pushed again it felt so good! I didn’t  even remember  if she was crying anymore all I i knew was that it felt good!  so I did it again and again and again then I did it faster. And that’s when I heard her breathing change. She was like oh! Uh! She got so slippery wet, it turned me on more. So I made love to her real deep and hard for like 5 minutes or so and came. What can i say? It was my first time. 
She stared at me like that’s it? So i pulled her up and sat her on top of me  while i was still a little hard. she was hesitant so i grabbed her hips and pushed up in her til she got comfortable and rode me. It was the best she stopped when she came and started breathing hard.  I picked her up and pushed her up against a wall and lifted her legs then nailed her there. I also banged her from behind. She loved every second of it. We were up against the wall again and I  was so close to cumming when she wrapped her legs around me and dug her fingers in my back and sighed nick! Uhhh! Yeah!  When we finished we made out some more and fell asleep.  
        My first time was great! After that I felt so in love with her.i told her I wanted her  to be my girlfriend, She said yes. She dumped me the next day. she said I didn’t give her a choice. She said she’d find a guy who really cared about her. Now I understand she was just playing me so I’d want her. She was playing hit it and quit it….Though I guess after a while she got horny enough to want me back. So she gave me another chance. She met me after my football practice one day and said I need you. It was so messed up! She had my head so fucked up for the past 2 weeks and now she needed me? So i walked her home instead of getting a ride with my boys. We get there and shes like come in. As soon as she shut the door i grabbed her and started kissing her. She kissed me back we moved to the  couch i crawled on top of her and she pulled off her shirt.  I pushed her short hippie skirt up and moved her panties aside then pulled out my cock and put it in. We fucked for twenty minutes then I pulled up my pants put on my shirt and left. Next day at school she didn’t even say hi to me. I waited for her track practice to let out after school. I saw her walking and asked her if she needed me, she started kissing me right then and I grabbed her hand and took her to the spot. “the spot” is this old van parked near the lake in the park, it was my brothers but he took the engine out for a diffrent car, and just turned it into a place for his flings. We get there and I got in then her. The inside had blankets pillows and sheets in the back no car seats. I sprayed febreeze cuz it smelled like sex in there. She got on my lap and we made out until she felt me get hard. Then i pulled out my cock and started jerking off. She watched and smiled then I  pulled off her shirt and got at her boobs. I love those chocolate things!   Then She took off her sweats and her panties…these were stripped green and pink. I jerked off a little more then she got on top and rode me as I pushed. This was my favortie time ever! She came so fast and moaned so hard she like squeezed my dick with her pussy. Then I licked her out again. She grabbed my hair and pushed my face to her. Then i asked if she’d do the same for me she was like gross. But got down and sucked on it anyway it was better than sex!! She just straight up sucked it. You can say it was pretty boring…but she sucked on my dick like it was candy Literally! It was amaizing noone sucks my dick like her it’s amaizing! I love her soo much! 
We took the longest nap after..she fell asleep on my chest and she was talking in her sleep when I heard her say I  love you too. we’ve been together for 4 years. I’d do anything for her and she really loves me too. She’s my everything and supports me no matter what.    

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