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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Home in my bed
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

I was at home babysitting my little sisters while our parents were out of town for the weekend. This guy who was in college lived right next door to us and used to flirt with me, and had either flirted with me or teased me since we were kids. I was much younger than he was, so we were never really friends, we just flirted with each other now and then and it was fun.

My little sisters also liked him a lot, and wanted me and him to get together, and on this particular Saturday they seemed intent on trying to get us hooked up. I thought that he became real cute as he got older, so it really didn’t matter when my little sisters, ages 12 and 14 invited him into the house on the pretense that I wanted him to come over. I was surprised, and didn’t know a thing about it, and they thought that it was funny!

It was kind of uncomfortable at first. We were sitting on the sofa, he on one side and me on the other, and then as time progressed we started kidding around to amuse my little sisters, and then he came over to my side of the sofa and put his arm around me and we kind of snuggled up like we were lovers on the sofa..

Well, that was how it started, and before too long we kissed, and then before too long his tongue was in my mouth and mine in his, and the kissing became intent, as though he were my boyfriend, though he wasn’t. I already had one, and I knew he had a girlfriend back in college.

My sisters brought a blanket. We had some privacy beneath, and I felt his hand above my clothes as it began to rub my thigh, then slowly moved up higher to my crotch. He knew exactly what to do, and how to rub me, and then I didn’t try to stop him as he opened up the zipper on my jeans.

His hand went in. His fingers stroked the pussy hair inside, and then he gently teased my clit and made me wet and really horny. I didn’t try to stop him. I liked the way it felt! My sisters starting getting on my nerves, and so we went into my bedroom and I locked the door behind us.

My boyfriend and I had fooled around before; but we never let it go too far. He’d finger me. I’d sucked his cock and make him cum, but that was all we did. I was still a virgin. So was he.

I lay upon the bed, and didn’t try to stop him as he took off all my clothes off and then we got into the bed, beneath the covers. His cock began to tease my clit and then he ate me out, my first time with a boy’s mouth, and then he used his tongue to cause for me to writhe upon the bed, my body going crazy as I felt of my approaching orgasm, and then he stopped! In a moment he then mounted me, his cock inside the wetness of my sex, and then as if there were no hymen his cock just slid right in!

He knew exactly how to do it, how to make a girl react, and I gasped and squealed in pleasure as his cock slid and out!

Too soon it was all over. He had taken of the prize, his cock still in my pussy having squirted in its seed! I told him that I loved him. He said that he loved me! We could hear my little sisters as they called out behind the door.

Quickly we got dressed; then opened up the door. My sisters heard me squealing and thought that I was hurt! I explained that we were ‘fooling round’ and tickling one another. He then went home. They promised me they’d never tell.

It was my first time, the first of only two times that we did it. He had a girlfriend back at college. My boyfriend and I then became intimate not long after, and I let him think it was my first.

The boy next door married his college sweetheart, my folks and I invited to the wedding. He danced with me while at the reception and flirted, reminding me about the past. He knew his cock had been my first; he’d felt the hymen break as it went in; we kind of had a special thing between us.

It all happened sixteen years ago this summer; but it was only three years ago that I found out that he had also fucked my younger sister, fourteen years of age, just one week after that first time he fucked me. I was appalled! My sister then confessed she had seduced him. She wanted him to be her first as he was mine! She thought he was the hottest guy she’d met, and had knocked upon his bedroom window late one night, then slipped into his bed and let him fuck her! He fucked her several times throughout the summer!

He was my first. I thought I liked him! Now I don’t. I hate his guts!

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