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never regret

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: at his house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

It all started when I was only seeing this one hot guy!! Well i met him through my friend and I never thought that things will happen. Well usual things will go on. Whenever we would talk on the phone we would actually bring up the subject about sexs, but I never took it seriously till one day when he told me that it wasn’t a joke! Well I thought that this guy was the guy that i truely love but in the other hand i told myself that i was really young and still didn’t understand what love was really about! Well anyways, he would always ask me to go to his house and i would alwaise refuse, till that one special night came! My brother and his friends were going out to play pool and I didn’t want to stay home or go out with them, so I decided to go to my guy’s house. Well so, I called him and told him that i will be there any minute! When we got to his house, he was already waiting for me outside, I got off the car and gave my brother my pager so that i could contact him anytime! So, he took me into his room! At first we were standing in his room kissing and everythin, then he told me to sit on his bed, so i did! While i was sitting on his bed he came over and layed beside me! We started kissing and all again, then i found him laying on top of me! As much as i love this guy I just let it happened and didn’t stop anything! It went further, I found his hands going straight into my pants and then found him taking off the both of our clothes. Well, then finally it was at the point where we were actually having sex! I was a virgin and have to admit that it did really hurt but he tried to calm me down and just let it go! So i did! Well he actually devirginized me! After a while it didn’t hurt anymore and we just went on! Well, it was time that I have to leave so it was an end! I got up and we went into his car and he took me to the pool hall my brother was at! I was actually happy because the guy that i love scored me. weeks later we went our seperate ways, and he finally got caught in a relationship with my cousin. All i gotta say is i do not regret this but I just wished that we didn’t have to part.. Till this very moment i love him with all my heart and nothing could ever change that!!!!!!!!!!!!

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