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Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: my car
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

Well, there was this girl down the street from me, lets call her kelsey, and she was kind of known as a slut.
Anyways, I got home on a friday afternoon and was going to go babysit for some kids that lived acroos the street from us.
I knew Kelsey pretty well, but had not talked to her in quite awhile. I was quite horny, so i decided to go see if
she was home or not, my excuse was that the people i was babysittin for needed some milk. So I went over there and she came
to the door, and I was really nervous. I asked if i could borrow some milk, and she said to hold on. When she came back i
asked her whether or not her parents were home. She replied, “no, they are on a trip”. I aske dher what she was plannig on doing for
the night, and she said nothing. I asked her if when i got off babysittin that me and her could tale a ride somewhere. She
looked at me kind of mischeviously and said ok. After babysittin i came by to pick her up and she was wearing an extremely short
skirt, with a shirt that showed off her 15 year old breasts. We got in my car and by that point we both knew what was goin to
happen. I pulled over to the side of the road and grabbed her tit. she moaned and i slowly took off her shirt. With her now only
wearing a mini skirt, (showing off her gorgeous legs), i asked her if she wanted to move this to the back seat, and of course she
said yes. When we got to the back seat, i went down on her. after like 2 minutes she started to tighten up on me and i asked
her if she was cumming, she said YES!!! and came all over my face. then she said, “my turn”. she knelt down and gave me my first head,
it was the greatest sensation i had ever felt. once i came, we rested for five minutes, and i began to fondle her once a again. she then
asked me if i wanted to go all the way. i said, “no doubt”, i removed her panties and she sat of my lap facing me. we did not have
a condom but i sadi “screw it”, and she didnt get pregnant anyways”. as i entered she screamed at first but then started to moan lightly.
I asked her if she was ok again”, sshe told me to go harder and faster. I obliged and in two minutes we bith came at the same time. it was incredibgle,
and i have not seen her since.

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