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naughty teacher

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: at school
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

When I was in high school we had a gym teacher who always stood and watched us as we took our showers. We used to make jokes about her but no one was really offended. One day as I was leaving the shower she called me over and told me to meet her in her office after I was dressed. I took gym as my last class so I didnt have to hurry to any other class.

I went to my locker and put on my clothes, enjoying the feel of my new bra and the soft smoothness of my shaved skin. I liked to shave my legs and my pussy even though I was the only one ever to see the results, the feel of the bare soft skin between my legs could make me wet when I was brave enough to forgo wearing panties. Of course I never did that at school.

I went into my teachers’ office and she asked me to shut the door. She asked me to sit down in the chair facing her and told me she had been watching my personal hygene practice in the shower and felt I needed to improve my efforts. She said she had noticed that my breasts were developing and I was negelecting to wash properly under and around them.

“Take off your shirt and I will show you what I mean “,she said. I was very surprised and embarrassed but she said not to worry, no one would come in and this was a perfectly acceptable. Well I was not a kid anymore and didnt want to be treated like one so I took off my shirt, slowly though, and trying not to blush. She said “Good. Now take off your bra so I can explain” Yikes! “Here ,Ill do it for you”, she said and got up and walked around the back of my chair.

I felt her hands touch my back and slide under my bra as she unsnapped my last piece of upper covering. Then she slipped her hands under my bra straps and slid her hands down over my shoulders and arms untill the bra slipped right off my body. “Sit up straight, you must always watch your posture”, she said as she slid one hand over my collarbone and pushed me back against her legs and waist.

“now, she said, you havent been washing under here”. She slid her hands down from my collar bones, around the outside of my breasts, gently cupping and pressing them from underneath.

My breath was getting warm and heavy. I couldnt help it. I leaned my head back against her waist as she bent over me. She began to roll my nipples around with her fingers, then switching to cup my breasts and stroke them upwards. A few strands of her long hair slipped down over my chest adding a new sensation to what I was already reciving.

After what felt like a hot eternity she stopped and walked around to the front of me. She said, “take off your pants and I will show you where else you need to concentrate”. I fumbled with my zipper, my hands just werent working right. She reached down and unzipped my pants, and slid her hands inside against my skin. I lifted my hips off the chair and she pulled my pants all the way down. She put her hands on my knees and pushed them apart, then stroking up my thighs she said, “Right in here needs more attention”. Oh the feeling of the air and her hands on my bare skin right here in her office!

Her finger tips touched lightly where the elastic of my panties traveled between my legs. I leaned back in my chair, torn between letting my head fall back to truely enjoy this feeling and looking down between my legs to watch what she was doing. She pushed her fingertips under the elastic, just enough to touch my bare shaved lips.

Then she rubbed her hands and forearms against the outside of my thighs, gently pushing my legs back togther. I could feel how wet I was getting. She pulled my panties down to lay with my pants.

She tugged my legs until my ass was on the edge of the chair. Pushing my knees apart again she asked ,”have you ever had a gyn exam?” “No” I said. “Well, she said, here is where alll the pleasure is”. She ran the back of her hand against my shaved lips and then pushed the edge of her hand between my now very hot lips. She slipped one finger up where only tampons had ventured before and touched a very incredible spot toward the front of my vagina. My body began to pulse before her other finger even traveled over my clit. Rubbing both spots simultaneously, caused my body to rock and pulse with her rhythm.

She brought me to my first ever orgasm, created by someone besides me. Strangely enough, after my body quieted, she said, “go ahead and get dressed and dont forget how important proper hygene is”. She became very impersonal and went to sit behind her desk and work on papers while I stood up, pulled up my panties, my pants, adusted my breasts back into my bra, buttoned up my shirt and left her office.

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