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Native Indian

Age when it happend: 25
Where it happened: Our Place
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

Well I was dating my boss and his parents. I worked for this huge company and his family. We started dating by the time of my third week at week because I was new. He kept saying he never dated a Native American. We decide to move in together and we just bought this huge house together. One night, we had to get ready a company party we had to go to with other companies. I wore my short black dress with heels and with my hair down. He wore a black suit with no tie. I puted lotion on and he was walking back and forth looking for his shoes. He stoped and asked me where was his shoes and I pointed at the closet with our shoes in them. We then left and when we arived they were serving drinks at the door and he grabed one and I didn’t I don’t really drink. We walked around and found the table with our name on it. We sat down and his parents cam up said hi and looked at me and so you’re so beautiful tonight and I said thank you and gave them a hug. Then they started giving out awards and we won most of them and some of the people brought their kids and babies with them. They had this one thing where the kids had to ask the aldults to dance and my one friend came over and said hi and she had her baby with her. I aksed if I could hold him and she said okay and I said oh my gosh he so cute and he said well do you want one and I said no. I started playing with the baby and my friend came back and took him. He aksed if we could dance I said yeah.

While we were dancing he asked why don’t you want a baby and I said I’m too scared, I know how to take care of one but I don’t want one now though. He said you’ll make a great mom and I said you’re just saying that because I’m native. He said yeah and he said I really want a boy. I said okay but not now. He said we can do something when we get home. I looked at him and said no. The song ended and we sat down and talked to people. We talked to people about each other companies. Everybody then left and this little boy was crying in his chair and I walked over and asked what’s wrong. He wouldn’t say nothing and I knew his mom and she said I don’t know. I said you’re to big to be crying. I talked to him and said you’re to big to be crying and making him feel better and he stoped and I asked is that better and I gave him this ring I had bought at a pow wow and I said keep this when you feel sad it’ll take the sadness away and he smiled and gave him a huged me and he said thank you and I aww thank you, go with your mom and be good I’ll see you later. I turned around and he said well you’re great with kids and I said I am.

When we got home I took me a shower and I got in to bed and watched t.v. and reading a magazine. He got in tried to talk and do something. I said wait and tried to finish the rest but his closed it and I asked what. He smiled and got on top of me and started kissing and feeling me all over. I asked what is he doing and he siad something new and I said get off of me and I pushed him and I said I’m not ready yet. He got mad and asked what do you mean by not ready and you saw how good you with babies and kids. I told him don’t talk to me and he got mad and fling the covers off of me and I asked can you stop I’m sleepy and tired. He got on top of me agin and started kissing me and stripping off my pj’s. He got naked when I tried to fight back he hited me in my ribs so bad I crinjed and cried. He then got the lube and he started to finger me all hard. He shoved himself inside me and I yelled for him to stop. He then grabed my legs and puted them over his houlder. I started breathing heavy and I tried telling him to stop but he started sticking his finger down my mouth and I choked and almost threw up. He then grabed my hips and went hard. He kept looking up at the ceiling. He then stoped and got me in dog posed and it hurted so bad the worst pain in my life. He then stoped and went through his closet and had a sex toy in his hand. My ribs were still hurting and I looked and asked what was that for. He said to calm you and he got it in me and I screamed because it was so big and it had a cord and he seted it on high and he layed on his back and told me to came here. I didn’t because I stilled ached. He grabed me by hair and foced me. He started going in and out and I said stop you’re hurting me he went deeper and I started screaming and crying in his ear. He then stuck his tongue in my mouth and I choked. I sat up and said stop he did I held my stomach and I started rubbing myself and I tried to take out the virbrator but he stoped me. I cried saying please stop. He then wiped away the tears and said why in the hell are you crying. He then grabed me and layed me on my back and he started kissing me and felt my stomach and my breast. He then got on the side of me and he wraped his arm around me and he gave me the pillow said you might need this and I started screaming and yelling. He said auh you’re so tight. and He got on top of me agin and he started thrusting really hard and deep. I could feel his abs on my stomach and the vibrator still going. I tried stopping him and I said you’re goin to deep. He pushed my hand of his chest and he laid his body on mine and wenter deepr. Then I felt something wierd inside me, then I knew he camed inside me with the vibrator in me. I screamed and cried really hard. He got off of me and got on his side of the bed. I then sat up and tried to pull the vibrator out of me then he just yanked it and I screamed and siad ouch. He then stuck his tongue down my throat makinng me choke. He then licked my nouth. He wraped his arms around me very tight and said shut up and go to bed. He puted his hand over my and I cried. He said stop crying to but I couldn’t then he grabed me top and he said to stop crying and I said I will the I tried to get off of him but he said no and wraped his arms around me. So I fell asleep on his chest.

Next morning I woke up and it was bright outside and he was still sleep. I got up and took a shower and while I was in the shower I cried and I heard him getting up and he walked in on me and I said get out. He didn’t because he kept smiling and I threw a bar of soap at him and he left. I got dried and dressed. I then went through my bathroom drawers and I found my test I bought long time ago for a emergency. I took both of them and after I was done I washed my hands and I did laoundry and I took off the sheets. I later came back and he came in following me and he saw the test and snatched one from me and I said give it back but he tried to see what it was and I said I peed on it and he droped it and I looked at him I looked at the test and I said oh my god and he said what I started saying I’m pregnent and I said it’s all your fault and I left to lay down on the bed and cried. He came and asked what’s wrong I said I’m pregenet it your fault you didn’t use a condom and wanted to bad to have sex and wanting a baby. He didn’t say any thing and I cried. He said babe I’m sorry I was just I cuted him off and I slaped him and I started hitting him. He grabed me and held me and I cried. He then said he was sorry and if I didn’t want it I could get rid if it. I sat up and said no I’m keeping it. He then pulled me to him and I layed on his chest. I wiped my tears and he said I shouldn’t be crying and he rubed my hair. I tried moving but I was too soar and he got up and layed me on the bed and he asked if it’s okay if I called everybody to let them know and I said yeah but I’m not getting up I’m too soar. everybody camed and said hi and I was in and out of goin to sleep. After everybody camed he got in to bed and he asked what will you name the baby and I said something like mine.

We later found out that I was having a boy twins and and they were boys.We some times take them to work with us and everybody loves them and all the babies want to do is crawl plus they can’t walk yet. This is the funny part when I give them a bottle of milk they’ll got to sleep in the middle oof the floor and everybody thinks it’s cute. they like to squeal and say hi in my native langauge. They try to mess up their dads office and ssome times when I go in there they’ll be sleeping on him. Like when some one else is eating their food they’llwant some and sometimes I go over and say no you can’t be a bully and eat peoples food, the people at work still give them some though and they’ll start crying and I said got to daddy then he hold them. They still be cring when I give them to him and I said here and gave them a bottle and they walk over to people and want them to hold them while they go to sleep. All the pepople said they want to take them home. When they go to bed they sleep with us and he gets mad because they will mess with while he’s sleep and he play with them and they’ll get sleepy. Then he walked them bac to their room and in the middle of the night they both be crying both of them. I get up and bring them back and I give them a bottle and said what’s wrong and he’ll wake up and I asked can you give him his bottle and he’ll help out and when they got sleep. He’ll try and do something and I said stop they in bed with us and he get up and take both of them to bed an d they start crying agin and I said the they’ll cry all night he brung them back and I held them both and they went to sleep. He’ll say why us and I said it’s your fault and I said I glad I have them.

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