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Age when it happend: 24
Where it happened: Out of Town
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I was dating my boss and we were going out of town to a bussiness dinner to show our ideas. His whole family meaning the owners and the company was comming. We went to Florida and when we got to this house they offered us to stay in I was shocked it was the most beautiful thing I ever seen. When we got in to the house we had to get to get ready. I wore this short black dress with black heels with my hair down.He wore this one suit it was black. We got in the car and he said you look beautiful and I said thank you.

We got in there they were alot of people and when you first walk in to the door they were giving away wine and I took me a glass and said thank you. He said look at this. this is nice and I said I know. We saw his dad there and He said how’s my future daughter law doing I just said fine and hugged him. We eat and the food was okay until we met this one old couple and they stop and looked at me and said gosh you are beautiful and they ask what tribe I’m from and I told them. The old man ask me to dance with him and I said okay and got up and dance. It wasn’t long and after we were done dancing he kissed my hand and said thank you. I bowed and walked away. I sat back down and they started giving away awards and we won most of them.

Some brought their kids with them and babaies. They said they were having the kids dancing. Some kids came around and asked the aldults to dance with them. They were all cute. And this one little boy asked me if I could dance with him. He was only one year old. I said okay and walked him to the dance floor. He was too short so I picked him up and dance and we were done. This one couple asked me so how was it raised on the reservation. I said it was okay. She ask did they have a casino I said yeah and they kept bragging and saying how they have Native in they’re family. I ask what kind and they didb’t evan know. When my boyfriend called me to come over to meet this one man and I heard the couple said she should go back. I turned around and said excuse me and walked back. They said got back to the reservation and I startedtalking loud and everybody started looking and they said some racial stuff and my boyfriend dad came over and said that’s enough you should not be starting something and you didn’t win any awards. The lady decides to spill a drink on me and I said okay and knocked her and started beating her up and her husband startd to back up and I said don’t you ever make fun of me and my people. Then my boyfriends family came over to get me off of her and said the party was over.

Everybody came over to me and said they were sorry and said they not having any more bussiness and they’re lose they’re company.I said okay and my boyfriend was still talking tothe man and he didn’t even care what was going on. His mom came over and said don’t worry about them and said I love you just the way you are and kissed and hugged me. I got in the car and cried he asked why was I crying I said you were looking the whole time and didn’t even stop them. He said nothing and kept driving. We pulled up to the house and I got out the car and slammed the door and I waited for him to unlocked the door. I got inside I went to the kitchen and I went upstairs and got undressed. He came up and said I was sorry and I said don’t talk to me and I got in the he didn’t see me naked, I had towel on me. I got out of the shower and got in my pj’s which was my underware and his t-shirt. I got in bed and watched t.v. He closed it and said you want to do something I said what.

He smiled and said you know something fun and kissed my neck. I said no and nudged him off. He said I’m sorry and I just said really you sorry now after it’s all done and over with. I said never mind and went to bed. He got mad and got up and said I can’t do this anymore. He thrw the covers off of me and said I only want to make love to you and you don’t want that and he grabed me and started shaking me and I yelled let go of me. He then leted go and I went down stairs to the kitchen to get something to drink. I cried and prayed for this night to end. Then he came down stairs and knocked the glass of water out my hand and said now you want to get away from me. He picked me up and threw me on the counter and I really stated crying and saying for him to stop.He startd ripping off my clothes and I cired for him to stop. He picked me up and carried me up stairs and I kicked and screamed for him to stop and put me down.

He opened the door and and threw me on the bed I reached for the phone and tried to call his parents but he knocked the phone out my hand and started kissing me I slapped him and he held me down and said I love you and you know that, stop trying to acted all good the time. I spitted in his face and he spitted worser than mine and it slid off my face and I said you spitted on me and I started crying. He got the baby oil and and still had me in his grip I said no don’t do it you know I don’t want to do it you know I’m a virgin. He didn’t have a coundom he got us naked and poured the oil on me and rubbed it in. He shoved himself inside me and I scream and yelled. He leaned over and I bit him and he bit me so hard I felt blood run down and I started to cry just not fighting back it hurted so bad. He looked and said my name and he didn’t stop I cried and cried. He asked if I was okay and he didn’t care the blood and he went harder and it hurted like hell. I tried pushing him off but he kept knocking my hand and I screamed in in the pillow. I thought he was done but he wasn’t done yet grabbed me by hair and said you’re not done yet. I screamed and he had me on my side and started. He pounded me and I screamed. He grabed me by my hair and said oh my my god you’re so tight and did a sloppy kiss on me. I cried for him to stop. But he went harder and I cried. I could feel his abs and I said please stop and he spated in my face. He got up and said theres alot of blood and went to get in the pose we heard the doorbell rang and it was his dad. He said don’t move and hited me in my ribs. He grabed a towelwrap it around him and went downstairs.

His dad asked how was I doing. He said okay and his dad want to talk to more and he said I’m alot of busy right now. His dad asked how was he sweating so much and his dad said oh I’l leave. He said bye and went back upstairs.And saw me crying softly. He pored all the oil on me and said I hope you didn’t think we were done. He grabbed me and did me from. And made me do the dog style. It hurted so bad that I cried my eyes out. He just grabbed my hair and started pulling it. He then stopped and got on top of me agin. I felt his abs and I said please stop and he just pulled my hair and I screamed. After that he came inside meand I screamed and yelled. He said shut up and bit me agin in the same spot and I even cried harder. He got off of me and went to the bathroom to let the cool water hit him. I layd there naked, sweaty, crying softly under the covers. I thought to myself I that first times are wonderful but I thought wrong. I prayed to my ancestors would give me strength. He came back out and got in bed with me and felt that I was rubbing myself because it hurted. He got the baby oil agin and puted alot in me and went agin at it. He had me on my side. He went hard and harder. I cried for him him to stop but he didn’t and he came inside me and I screamed. He puted his hands over my mouth and told my to shut up. He got up to look at me and I just close my eyes and his smack me on my ass and wrap his arms around me and went to bed.

Next moring I woke up and had him wrap around me. I sat up in bed and cried. He woke up and saw me crying. He asked what was wtong with me. I looked at him and and I cried harder. I said you raped me, you didn’t even care to use a condom, you pulled my hair. hit me in my ribs, you put baby oil in me and on me, you spiited on me and more. I looked at him and cried. He got up and pulled me into his chest and said he was sorry and kissed me moved my hair and saw my bit mark on my neck. I said no you’re not. He pulled me so I could sit on the bed with him. He said that I’m sorry if I ever hurted and I so sorry and he got up and went in the shower. He got out and came over and kissed me and I ask are you very sorry.I rubbed my head and he kissed me and said come here. I said what and he showed me the bathroom and got in the shower with me and after we got out I got on my clothes. And and treated my bruieed.

Later we did get home and we are trying to stay together and after I came back and I was pregnent and our son looks just like me. I still work for him and we are married. He just learning how to walk and his grand parents love him so much they want to take him to work every day and the people at work love him.

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