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Age when it happend: 24
Where it happened: Our Place
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

Well I was dating my boss and we were livivng together. We had our own place. Everybody in his family loved me. I was getting in to bed. He was mad at something and I got into bed and I played with our puppy and I watched t.v. He got in to bed naked and I looked at him and asked where your shorts or your boxers. He said to go to bed. I asked what was wrong and he kept saying shut up and go to bed. I then turned on the t.v and he got mad and snatched the remote and threw it. I layed back and got the puppy on my chest and read a book. I had the light on and he got mad and turned off the lights. I said okay and to the head foot of the bed and watched t.v. Until we heard the door bell rang and it was his friend. And I go get the door. He got out of bed and I said get a towel too. I went out the door and smacked my ass. I heard them talk and played with the puppy. After they were done he got naked agin and went to bed. I went to the kitchen and got something to eat he came down and asked what was I doing I said nothing and rolled my eyes and went to the guest room.

He followed me. I got under the covers. He decides to under there too. I nudged him and said get the hell off of me. He asked what’s my prblem I said don’t ask me ask you, you’re the one that’s mad and snatching the remote from me and throwing it. He started yelling and he got on top and held me down andd started yelling at me. He started taking off my clothes and I tried to fight back so I bit him and he bit me back worser. I cried when he sinked his teeth in. I cried very loud I thoght the dog would hear. He went to spread my legs and started rubbing. I held my neck were he bit me at. He then took off his clothes and I said don’t please don’t and he went to get the baby oil. I was too weak to get up. He came back and puted some in me and on himself. He didn’t have a condom and he just entered me and I yelled and I said you’re too big and he said shut up. He grabed on to the head board and started thrusting. He then stop and moved me that I was on my side. He closed my legs together and started pounding me. I begged for him to stop. He just covered my mouth and I screamed when he start bitting my neck. He then stoped to look and looked at me and god you so tight. He then started to kiss me and finger me very hard. He decides to stick his whole tongue in my mouth and made me come. I was kind of knocking in and out. Then I heard the door bell rang and it was his dad. He looked at me and said don’t go no where. He planted a slopy kiss in mouthe and grabbed a sheet off the bed wrap it around him. He taked to his father and his asked why was he so sweaty he pointed up to the bed room and he left.He came back up and grabed me by my hair and said get up and got me from behind. He used his spit and rubed it inside. He went hard and I cried and cried until he stop and got me by my legs and pulled me closed to him. He picked me up and pined me aginst the wall. He picked me up and asked are you going to give me a son. He thrusted really hard and I said yes and was crying and I said I’ll give you your son, long as you don’t kill me. He kept asking if I’m going to give him a kid and I kept saying yes so he would stop. I was clawing his back because it hurted so bad and I was saying ouch and his ear. He came and he stoped to look at me and he asked agin are you going to give me a baby. I said yes and cried. He said good and carried me to the bed got me under the cover. He stuck his tongue in my mouth and kissed me. I cried hard and he got in the shower to let the water hit him. He came back and got closed me and move the hair from my neck and started kissing and sucking it.

Next moring I woke up feeling cold with the cover barely covering my naked body. I stayed home from work and everybody called asking was I okay and I said I’m fine. I heard the phone rang and I looked at the caller ID and saw it was him I wasn’t going to answer the phone and I picked it up and said hellow. He said hey you how are you doing. I said fine and He asked was I okay after last night I said I don’t know and he asked do you remeber what we talked about last night. I said no knowing that we did. He said you know a baby, a boy and I said I don’t remember. He said wel, I’m on my way home, see you there love you bye. I hang up the phone and I fell back to sleep. I wasn’t tired but I force myself to sleep. Next thing I know he was kneeling on my side of the bed and he said wake up I got a present for you. I looked and saw it was him I scooted back scared and he asked what was wrong. I just looked at him and broke down crying. He asked what was wrong. I said you took my virgignity and cried He pulled me close to him and he said babe I’m sorry and I kept crying into his chest and he just sat on the bed. I said I don’t want to have a baby and go to work he said okay and rubbed my hair. He said he bought a test to see if I pregnent. I did it and I came out and waited for it. I came out with the test saying I was pregnent. He looked at and said what do you want to do I said I was keeping it and I want to have this baby. He called everybody at work and told them. His parents was so happy they came over and brought the whole family with them. They then left and I went to bed and he got in and said what name are you going to give him. I said like mine and he asked does it have to be a native name and I said yes and kissed him.

We had the baby and it was a boy. Everybody at work loves him ad his grandparents always wants him to come to work and he looks exactly like me. He dosen’t cry alot and he mostly try to play with the dog. We are married and we still kind of get in to a big argument well not in fornt of the baby. He always get mad when the baby sleeps with us and the dog. We’re happy together.

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