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Natalie’s Right

Age when it happend: 12
Where it happened: my neighbor's dairy barn
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Natalie, I read your story (number 6678) and agree with you completely. It’s best to “do it” with a grown and mature MAN for the first several times. They won’t hurt you like the little turds our age that think they are so smart.

It was on my twelfth birthday that I first had sex. I did it with a 33 year old neighbor man. I have no regrets.

I read your story, and like with me, the adult man had enough sense and self control to go slowly, AND to use some appropriate lubricant. I am a “gusher” when I am sexually excited now, but at twelve years old, and up until about fourteen, I didn’t make any natural lubricant. I don’t think many girls do until about fourteen or so. I think that is why so many preteens and early teens that really “do it” report so much pain. They and their partner are stupid, or unprepared to have sex … they don’t use lubricant. If you’re under fifteen, and planning to get yourself punched out, go get some KY jelly, or Vaseline, or Astro-Glide. Everybody can afford a small tube of vaseline to keep in their purse, it’s only about 89 cents. Get some!

My first time: April 17, 1994, about 3:00 PM.

It was my birthday. We live in a rural area. I had walked about a half-mile to our nearest neighbor’s house, to invite the two girls (8 & 10) to my ice cream party that night. They weren’t home, but Roger was. I found him in the milk room of the dairy barn. He was doing some bookwork.

I told him why I had come. He congratulated me on my birthday, and gave me a twenty dollar bill as a birthday gift. He also, in keeping with local tradition, had the right to spank my bottom with twelve pops, one for each year. I expected it, and since it is all in play, and the pops are just fun ones and not hard, I was ready to take them, and do the customary fake screams and protest. It was worth it for twenty dollars, and that’s how things are done around here.

I ran around the milk room, and let him catch me. I kicked and screamed and put up the expected fuss for about a minute while he held me around the waist. Finally, as expected, he turned me upside down, legs akimbo in the air, and head down. I had on a short full skirt, nylon panties, and a loose T-shirt. No bra. As I struggled, I let the T-shirt slide down over my head and arms. This, of course exposed my developing breasts, of which I was very proud.

Roger was standing during all this, and now he held me by the waist, upside down, facing away from him, with one of my legs draped over each of his shoulders. He sat down in his chair, still holding me tightly around the waist. He leaned back, allowing me to rest upside down on his legs. My breasts still exposed, and my legs over his shoulders. Roger said he was going to give me a very special “birthday kiss”. He pulled me up a little, and planted a big long kiss through my panties, right on my pussy. I giggled. It felt funny. Then he “buzzed ” me there with his lips. It was all in fun, so I resumed the squealing and screaming for a minute. Then he said it was time for my spanking, and turned me right side up in his lap.

Roger said the twelfth birthday spanking had to be done on a bare bottom, and told me to take off my panties. I kept saying “No, No way…” while I was taking them off for him. My shirt had fallen back down covering my chest. Roger then told me to take off my shirt and skirt, so he could “Give me the beating of my life.” I squealed and argued in mock anger while I did as he said. (I was really squealing with glee, that a Man wanted to look at me) There I was, in my “birthday suit” in front of Roger. He was really studying me closely, especially my breasts and pussy. I had been growing pubic hair about a year by then, and it was pretty thick, and very dark. I have a “peaches and cream” complexion, but black hair.

Roger took me by the hand, and set me astride his lap, facing him. He began carressing me all over, rubbing my butt, touching my breasts, and feeling my pussy. He wasn’t hurting me, nor making me feel nasty or ugly or awkward. He was admiring me, and said so in many ways. After a few minutes, he said he wanted to give me some special kisses. I said “OK”. He began by kissing my breasts, and fondling them, especially my protruding nipples.

He kissed me on the lips, and I felt passion for the first time in my life. We mouth kisses for a very long time, while I sat completely naked astride his lap. I was falling in love. He was so tender and slow with me. Then he said he wanted to kiss me “there” again. I wondred about this, as I had never heard about oral sex before, but said “OK … if you really want to…”. Roger turned me upside down again, with my legs over his shoulders, and began kissing my pussy. He spread my hair apart, and then spread my vagina open, and kissed me quite a while like that. It didn’t do much for me, and after a minute or two, I told him I’d rather kiss the other way. So we did for a while longer. Then Roger said it was time for my pops. He set me off his lap, and had me spread my legs wide apart, and hold my ankles with my hands. He rubbed my butt all over, felt my pussy, even inside the lips, and began kidding me about how bad this was going to hurt, and how he wasn’t going to stop beating me until his arm fell off. (squeal, scream.) Then he started getting me ready for my spanking.

First, he spread my pubic hair. Then he put some vaseline (I think it was) all inside my vagina. A LOT of it. Then he started sliding a finger into me. It felt funny, but didn’t hurt or anything like that. He told me I had a nice tight little snatch. I didn’t know what he meant. He kept sliding his finger in and out of me for a short while, then he pulled it out. Roger had me stand up and stretch, because I had been bent over for so long. He called me over to his desk, and had me lean foreward over his desk, and rest my shoulders and head on a small chair pillow there. He had me spread my legs again, and told me to stick my pussy out back. I understood this, and did it. He fingered me a minute or so more. Then I heard him unzip his pants.

He said he was going to give me a golden memory for my birthday, to go with the twenty dollar gift. He then told me he was going to “give me some sex”. I thought “Fine. Do it right now, Roger.” and he did.

Roger had undressed completely, even stepping out of his shoes. I still had my jogging shoes and socks on. He began stroking my back and my butt again. Then, before I really knew what he was doing, he had spread me open from behind, and gently slipped his dick inside me a few inches. There was nothing to it. No pain. No fireworks. No discomfort or immediate pleasure of any kind. Nothing.
Roger stroked back and forth inside me for a couple minutes, then said: “OK girl. You are being fucked. Now, do you want to have some fun, too?” I said “Sure I do.”. He said “Come with me”. We ran naked to the house, about fifty yards away. Nobody else was there. We went to the Girls’ bedroom, and got in bed.

Now, Roger was getting excited. He was breathing real hard. He had me lay down, and spread my legs wide, pull up my knees and hold my pussy wide open. He kneeled over me, and slowly and gently glided his big dick back into me a little way. I think he was bigger then, because it sure was tight. He stroked in and out of me, going deeper each time. Soon, he was all the way inside me, and was pressing me almost through the matress. Then he had me put my legs together, and we rolled over with me on top.

Roger hunched up, and taught me how to squeeze him, and “milk” his dick with my pussy just like milking a cow’s teats by hand. I got more comfortable by the minute, and in just a very short while, I was completely comfortable with this grown MAN’s full size dick all the way in me. It got to feeling good then.

After a few more minutes, Roger threw me over on bottom again, and began pushing his dick even more deeply into me, and hunching very fast. I think his dick got real big just then. I felt it inside me, jumping and swelling and pumping me full of his semen.

We rolled back over with me on top, and he carressed me a long time before he took his dick out of me. When he did come out, I had the most horrible feeling of “emptiness” I have ever experienced. I didn’t have any orgasm that time, and didn’t really have one until after I was thirteen, but I knew I wanted to “fuck” with this man again as soon as I could.

We kissed some more, then showered togethe, and Roger washed me inside with his wife’s douche thing. We went to the dairy barn, put our clothes back on, and I went home to my twelfth birthdat party, never again to be a little girl.

Roger obliged me often. I’m almost sixteen now, and I can’t count the number of wonderful orgasms Roger has given me. He’s the best time I’ve ever had.

Oh., And … Natalie, you’re right about the little teenage weenies. All they can do is hurt you because of their stupidity, then go spread your name around as some sort of trophy they collected. Piss on them!

Angela K. R.

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