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Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Boyfriends House
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

Hi, Im Nani here’s me story about the first time I had sex. It was recently, about two weeks ago, and… I kind of regret it in a way and I’m still stuck in a pickle to this day about which desicion I should make.

Well, a month before we “did it”, my boyfriend and I were on the phone talking about our day, because we spent it together, I don’t know I guess he wanted to know if I had fun, which I did! Anyways, that day it was our 7 month anniversary together. So somehow our conversation led to him asking me about if I’m the kind of girl who wants to wait sex until after marrige, and I said yes, and why. He told me because he was curious, and he was, he was as well the kind if guy who’d wait. We soon after re-talked about marrige, as we once did before, we agreed on marrying eachother and stuff, and I know I’m only fifteen, but both our parents know we love eachother and they are very much okay with that. We had even planned our babies names LOL.
I know this may sound weird I’d awkward but then we came to agree on makeingout in our underwear: undies and bra. Then, two weeks ago I went to his house to hangout, hisnparents had left to celebrate their 10 year anniversary so we had the house to ourselves. We went to his bedroom and he said “so what about that makingout in our underwear?” and I told him “idk do you want to?” he said if you want to, and I said okay. So he gently took off my shirt, with just me in my bra, then he took off my jeans. And I did the same to him, we got on his bed and started to makeout, and so a while later I was kissing his neck and started kissing his chest and then u gave him a hickey. I turned my head face down by his head, and he asked me what was wrong. And I told him that I was getting tempted into having sex with him, and he said oh, but we can’t. And I said I know but I really want to. He’s the kind of guy that wants to make me happy. So out of the nowhere he started removing my bra, an I asked are you sure? And he said I’m sure. But I wasn’t but I really did want to but then again no. So I just went along with it and I took off his boxers as he took off my bra and undies. Then we saw eachother completely naked for the first time and wow, is all I have to say about him 🙂 but we got under the covers and he reached in his drawer and pulled out a condom, he read the instructions, and out it on, beote he put it in, I asked him where he got it, and he said his mom bought if fir him just in case. So then he put it in, and I felt no pain at all, it just felt great! Then I started moaning LOL, and we kissed passionately, I can still remember the kiss till this day. I really enjoyed the sex, then we stopped and hug and whatnot, then we put our clothes on, his sister came home and drove me home, I got out the car and he walked me to the door, he kissed me and u told him I loved him and that my “downstairs area” felt weird, and he said not to worry, but I did. As soon as I got inside the hose I ran upstairs to my parents bathroom and I looked for a pregnancy test in the cabinets and found one. I knew my mom had some because she was trying to get pregnant. I read the instructions and did what it said. Yes, we used a condom but I still wanted to make sure. It came out positive and I was extremely scared you had NO idea! A few days passed by and I met with my boyfriend again at the park. We started talking about the sex, and I told him I was pregnant! He thought I was kidding but I told him I wasn’t. He asked me if it was okay if we told his mom, his mom is one of those ultrasound ladies and a doctor, the ones that deliver the baby. He said shed be ok with it. We told her when we got back to his house, and she was very okay with it. She told me that she could take me into the medical/clinic center and take an ultrasound for free. So we did the next Saturday. I am for sure pregnant, then she sat down both me and my boyfriend and asked me if I wanted to abort, of keep the baby and end up telling my parents. I still am till this day undecided. I told her I’d think about it. If I abort, she said it be totally free, since she’s the one who will do it for me, and nobody will ever know, on us three, and u guess whoever reads this, and I have to kill, but if I keep the baby I may be punished by my parents and it can ruin my future. I don’t want to kill re poor baby, nor do I want to ruin my future. But then again my parents never knowing sounds good, but I still don’t know. We went back to his room, and he said sorry, and he blammed it on him. Butbi took the blame as well, I was the one who confessed of being tempted into using sex, I’m the one who could’ve prevented the sex too. I’m still pregnant till this day, and undecided. I’m getting at tad bigger nut luckly my parents don’t notice! I’m staying at my boyfriends for a week while mybparents are out if town. So this gives me time to think. But I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep the baby, but not 100% sure.

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