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Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: friends house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Vicki and I had been best friends forever, she lived just down the street and she goes back as far as my memory,we were inseperable and I was always closer to her than even my own sisters It was a typical thing for us to spend the night at each others house especially in the summer months.We were the kind of friends that shared everything there were no secrets between us and we used to lie awake on those summer nights talking and giggling about everything especially boys. But this particular night the sexual energy was high we were both sixteen years old and this kind of talk had us going.Well this night Vicki asked me a question that at first kind of set me back,and then strangly exited me.She asked had I ever thought of making love with another woman, well my first reaction to this was the expected ooo yuk!! but I could see she was serious so I quit with the yuk and just sat there not quite knowing how to respond to her in a way I felt a little betrayed, becouse I could see that there was something here that she had thought about enough at least to become comfortable with ..and well maybe more than that. Well whatever it was I had been left out of My next reaction was typically teenage I felt left out so I acted put out, but at the same time I was becoming very strangely aroused at the whole wierd thing,well Vicki always could read me especially when I didn’t want her to. she was always just alittle more mature than me and somehow just a bit more worldly aware than I was,I guess she could see that I was freaked out but I also know that she could see that I was more than a little intrigued by her question. she went right to work calming me in that way she always knew how to do. she explained that she’d had erotic thoughts about other girls for a long time but hadn’t dared say it for fear of the reaction that I had in fact given,and that tonight she just felt bold enough to say it,and that if I couln’t be her friend anymore… well she knew that wouldnt happen.well she went on to explain that her cousin collette who she used to go and stay with sometimes who was a few years older than us had in fact fondled and kissed her and that she had loved it. and that it had sometimes been all she could think about. She said that lately those thoughts had become fantasies about me. Well by now she could see she had me,although I was feeling very jelouse wich really blew my mind, I was very aroused and that completly blew my mind Well next thing I knew I was asking all the details I wanted to know everything what was it like? how did it feel? to kiss another girl? was she scared? didn’t she feel nasty? Then I said it even to my own surprise….show We were in Vicki’s backyard,in her brothers new tent,he had set it up ,excited about a camping trip he was going on.We talked him into letting us sleep in it that night.It was large and with the door zipped shut,we were in our own world. I felt relaxed and safe. She reached out and took my face in her hands and kissed me boldly on the lip’s. Any fears I had quickly melted away. She was so confident,my world spun,my spine tingled.I had kissed a few boys before,but this was so different. I wanted her! I wanted her to take me completely! Nothing before had felt so wonderful! Her lip’s were so soft,and she smelled so sweet. Her touch was so knowing,her hands knew just what to do. I felt myself getting so excited!! No fear,we were tearing each other’s clothe’s off! Then passionatly rollong and kissing each other,all over! Her soft female flesh was so exciting,her hard nipples rubbing against my own! Our moist thighs wrapping around each other,she pulled back and looking into my face,she gently laid me down,kissing my neck at first,then moving down,lingering to suck and lick my nipples–then she laid between my thighs and began to softly lick my clit,then flicking it with her tongue,she sucked my clit,pulling it in and out of her mouth….she looked up at me and smiled,I was now quivering and shuddering with ecstacy! She explored every inch of my body,licking and kissing me with a passion I had never seen before! She was so careful and patient with me,she knew how nervous I was,she slowly and gently caressed my ass,she then lick it and lightly kissed it…..she then did something that sent me straight to erotic heaven!! She licked the rim of my asshole….OH…..that was the most pleasure I had ever felt!!!! I moaned and sighed….as did she,with such deep,pure emotion!
We had a orgasm at the same time……it was the first of many orgasms we had that night!

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