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Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: hotel room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

well my first time was at the hotel room…it actualy happen when me and my boss when to this trip
in Japan…we are staying in a diffrent room but there are a connection door between that i forgotten to lock
the connection door…the wrost thing is i’m trying to change and i usualy don’t wear my bra..and i ammit that i have huge
but firm tits…however i i’m just trying not to wear anything like panties and bra to see how it feels like….
my boss didn’t know about it until he knock on my door and ask me am i ready cos we are going to a tour since we don’t have a meeting until the next day
and there we go…..and accidentaly he drop the keys on the floor and i forgotten that i didn’t wear any panties under my short tight skirt
so i bend down and my ass was right on his face…

he didn’t waste anytime and start sqeezzee my ass and it feel good before i realise it he put me down on the bed and
start licking my pussy…i never feel that good before…he put his tounge and lick it in and out of me….and moan “y didn’t i eat you sooner?”
i was so shock when i hear that but there are no time for me
to ask for detail…he pull out his dick and it was rock hard…i go crazy and i suck it until he come ….i sounds sooooo
good when he was moaning…..slowly he put his huge dick into my pussy and it hurts so much that i was moaning so loud but after a while the loud and painfull moan turn to a
moan of pleasure….while we were fucking there is a phone call for him so he plan not to answer it but i told him to pick it up….it was his wife….he complains that he is busy right now
and lie to his wife that there is someone waiting on the other line of the phone…

after that we didn’t go on we have and affair for more than 2 months…even in the office we fuck…
he always want me to stay after work with an excuse we have important meetings the comming day and important client to meet
i know what he meant….i like to fullfill his fantasy by just wearing short tight skirt without anything underneath…
and accidently drop something and ask me to pick it up…in our office non of them know that we have an affair until one day his wife found out
i thought that she is going to go crazy about it when she ask me to meet her in a hotel…she say not to tell my boss about our meeting…i went and see her
in a room and you won’t believe what happen she is totaly naked and playing with herself and i got sooooooo horny since that is the first time i saw a girl playing with herself
before i realise it we both were having fun….and her husband arrive we end up haveing threesome after that i ended up the relaitionship with them…..and i still wear short tight skirt
WITHOUT underwears……

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