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my younger niece

Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: my house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

it all started when my niece was in my room on my
computer. she is only 16 and is 5,11″ wieghs 102 lbs
very slim and beautiful. I went in my room where she
was and started talking to her. she said that she was
realy nervous about taking her drivers permit test
she used my car cause her mom didnt want her to have the
permit yet. her mom was out of town for 2 weeks so she
came to stay with me for the 2 weeks. while she was
sitting in front of the computer I walked up behind her
and started giving her a shoulder message, she said not
to stop cause it feels so good. i stopped doing it and she
got up and walked over to me. I went behind her and started
messaging her again, she started moaning and she said that
she was in heaven. i said this will feel better, i moved on
her and put my arms around her and started kissing her
sweet smooth neck. then we started making out very
deeply and we got down on the bed and kissed alot more.
I kissed her neck and tits for another good halfhour then we got
undressed and climbed into my bed, we kissed more and then
I started sucking her whole body mostly concentrating on
her small tits and her neck. I reached down and pulled her
panties off and she said that she has never been this far
with another guy before and wasnt sure about what to do.
I ate her out for about 7 minutes and she was so wet I knew
she was ready to be penetrated. she was realy hot and sweaty
and I started sucking her neck and tits again while i was trying to
slip into her and she started screming “it hurts -stop-“
so i stopped and kissed her somemore and I told her i love
her and I wont push it in as fast. we tried again 5 times and
she screamed in pain so i finaly told her I need to break her
and I pushed it in realy fast. she screamed real loud and
started to cry. there was alot of blood and she was so tight. she is
the best virgin I have ever had being she is very small and
tall i laid on top of her till the pain stoped then I started
push it in and out.
she stayed the weekend with me here again and we still have
sex she is 17 now and better than ever. I realy am in love
with her. when she is 18 she is going to move in with me
and we will live together for a while and move out to the
mountains of Idaho.
we still have each other when we see eachother and we will
be carrying out our plan to go to idaho.

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