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my uncle molested me

Age when it happend: 12
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

my first time was with my uncle. I was over at my aunt and uncles house. We all were just hanging out like always. Me and my uncle started playing a board game. We were having a good time, my aunt came in saying she needed to go and get some things for dinner. I didnt know what was about to happen. We continued with the game and my uncle slid closer. He gradually was running his hand up my leg. I didnt even realize what he was doing. I was wearing a skirt at the time. He finally got his hand up my leg and almost to my panties when I realized this was wrong. I went to be that night a little shaken up. I later woke up to someone fingering me. It was dark and I didnt want to move afriad of what would happen to me. So he finished up and I could see him cleaning up his cum in the bathroom. This contiuned for quite some time. Till one day I was wearing a bathing suit after a swim in thier pool. He was drunk and forced me onto the couch. He licked my nipples. He licked me all over saying I tasted so young and ripe. He had his dick out rubbing it in my pussy jucices. I was trying to fight it, but when he was tounge fucking me it felt so good. He shoved his cock into. It only took him minuets till he forced me to swallow his cum. He videotaped it and makes me watch it while he jacks off.

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