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“My Step-Dad was a Pig!”

Age when it happend: 9
Where it happened: Living Room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I just found this site the other nite and was unsure if I wanted to tell my “True” first time, until I saw some other people who had similar experiences.

When I was 3 years old, my Daddy left us… and that was that. After a couple of years of making ends meet my mom finnally found a decent guy who made decent money… and he really treated her nice. He moved in with me, my mom and my 12 year old sister when I was 7 years old. It was really fun to have a guy around the house again, i must say. He made my mom so happy and he joked with me and my sister all the time, we all felt so comfortable with him. It was also a godsend for child care money, since he worked nites and my mom worked days, we always had parents around instead of being at a daycare center. One day when i came in from playing, i saw my stepdad naked-watching a porno and pleasuring himself…. and then from around the corner walks my sister, completely nude. I immediatly started to take my clothes off not knowing any better, and they were both telling me to stop, but i told them that if they were gonna be naked that I wanted to be too! At the time, i wasnt too sure what was going on, obviously, but i started to figure it out. Jim was trying to teach my sister how to do the things that the people in the movie were doing. He was telling her to lay back, and open up her flower, and she did. That day, I watched my stepdad get his cock sucked several times over, and he rubbed her pussy alot with it. After the movie and them were done, he told tina to take a shower. While she was in the shower he asked me if i liked to watch what they were doing, and i said i did.. and that i wanted to try. He was reluctant, but he did tell me that i was too young to do those things and that when i started to grow hair on my privates that he would let me… but if mommy found out, i wouldnt be able to. I waited anxiously for hair.

When i was 9 years old, i remember seeing the first sprouts of blond hair growing in. I walked right down the hall, to the master bedroom, stood at the end of the bed and surprised my stepdad with the news. He asked me what in the hell i was talking about and couldnt remember telling me that i would let him have his way with me when i matured, I then removed my bathrobe and let him have a look. At the time i was already fairly tall for my age, and was extremely skinny, no boobs whatsoever, but i did have this pretty thatch of blond hair growing in.. kind of stragly, but it was there. Jim looked me over and grabbed me tightly, pushed me onto the bed, and started eating my pussy furusiosly for what seemed like forever… it felt alright i guess, but i wanted to suck him off!!! He had different plans though, he spread my legs super wide, and then entered me. I had never had anything up there so it was tight and painful as could be, but he was gentle. After a few minutes he started doing it faster and then stopped, asked me if i got my period yet, got the answer he was obviously looking for, and started back up even harder.

He did it with me until I was 14. I learned how to please a man from pleasing him. Head, anal, all of it. I was willing every time, because i had been with several boys my age, and they didnt know thing one about sex. My then 19 year old sister blew the whistle on him about her 3 years of, in my opinion, willing sex… and my mom had him arrested.

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