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My sister’s boyfriend

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: My bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I’ve kept this a secret but I’ve got to tell it so I guess this is the best way.
For months off and on I would be in my room and listen to my sister and her boyfriend having sex in her room. I would listen through the wall. I would finger myself and wish it was me he was making love to. I told my friends about wanting him ’cause he was real cute and one of them said to put my hand against his jeans where his penus was and he would want me too because boys will screw any girl that pays them attention like that. My sister had pissed me off and I thought the best way to get back at her was to have her guy screw me.
One day he rode the same bus home with me but he forgot my sister had band practice. He was about to leave when I got real close to him, put my hand against his jeans, squeezed his penus and said not to go. We kissed and then went up to my room. We laid on my bed and started kissing. He was running his hands all over me and it felt good. I stood up and took all my clothes off while he watched. Then I stood in front of him and he kissed me all over and sucked on my tits. I took off his clothes, got down on my knees and played with his penus with my hands and then licked it with my tongue. It got hard as a rock and was sticking straight up. He laid me down and got between my legs and licked and fingered my pussy. He strattled me and tried to stick his penus inside me but it wouldn’t go in and it hurt real bad. He went to my sisters room and came back with some KY jelly. He put that stuff on his penus and tried again. This time he entered me. It felt good. It was what I had dreamed of, having him on top of me screwing me instead of my sister. He pumped in and out over and over untill I felt his penus throbbing and pulsing. Right then my sister opened my door and saw us. She moved out the next day and hasn’t spoken to me since. Yes! And I’m still screwing her man!

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