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My Sexy Neighbor Molly

Age when it happend: 16
Where it happened: Her House
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

My sexy neighbor Molly

My name is Dylan and my story takes place back when i was 16 and babysitting for my very sexy nieghbor Molly.
I just put the kids to sleep in ther rooms and shut all the lights off in the house. Molly was out shopping for christmas gifts for the kids. Her husband Dan was hardly ever home he was a nurse and part time fire fighter.
I stading there bored so i went into Molly’s bedroom and sat on the bed messen around with my 8in cock and licking her dildo that i found years ago in her night stand trying to get any kind of tast of her pussy. I was about to blow my load when i heard the door swing open and saw her walk in. I hurried to put my cock back in my shorts but as soon as i got it in it was clear i was hard as a rock. I slide the dildo under the pillow and hooped out of the bed and asked “How was shopping”. When there was a slite pause we both could hear the dildo vibrating under the pillow. I stood ther embarused and thinking what was going to happen next.
Molly walked past me and grabed the dildo and turned it off. She walked up close and told me that she knows what i do we she is gone. She also tells me that she notices her panties and dildo missed placed after i leave. I was bright red at this point. Molly looked at my and said “Its fine that you do this because it makes me feel good that a young man like you still fines me attractive”. I was shocked did she really say it was alright for me to suck her dildo and jack off on her bed ever time a babysate.
She turned the dildo back on and started to rub the tip of it on my chest and told me ” Its time for your payment”. She handed me the dildo and told me to take my cloths off and get into bed. I got undressed so quick and leaped on the bed.
Molly gave a kind of shy sexy look as she took her shirt off and pulled her skirt down. I sat there looking at the most beautiful sight in the hole world my own neighbor who i have known for years standing in front of me wearing nothing but a bra and panties.
I watched her as she crawled into bed and came close to me. She asked for her dildo to do a little camparase test. She held it up to my stiff cock and said “I think your cock is the one that is going to be statisfying me tonight”.
I helped her take off her bra and then took one of her tiny pink hard nipples into my mouth as i played with the other one with my hand. I took my hand and rubed her body from the nip all the way down to her pussy. I gently stuck my hand into her white panties and started to play with her pussy. As i was doing this i noticed that she had a completly shaved cunt. This just drove me wild. I started to kiss her roughly as she was fundeling with my red hot cock.
It felt like we were in a race to see who would cum first. I stuck two fingers in her and she gave i loud moan of enjoyment. This just caused her to wack me off harder and faster. I was about to blow my load again when i saw her back arch and felt the fluid squrting from her pussy. She cried out with pleasure for a cuple of moments.
She got up and stood over me and removed her soaked panties and through then to the floor. She used her hand to scoop up the rest of her cum a rubed it all over my cock. It felt so good around my shaft as she moved her hand up and down.
After i was all lubed up she removed the hair from her eyes and started to lower her body until the tip of my cock was at the center of her pussy. This was my first look at her cunt and my god it was beautiful and looked like a teenagers.
She slid my cock into her and went deeper and deeper until i was completly in. All of her noises and moans were turning me on so much i thought i was going to cum right then. She started to bounce up and down, up and down, up and down as i wached her gorgeus breast bounce along with her. She road me for about twenty minutes untile i grabed her cold thighs and shot five huge loads sticky cum into her tight pussy. I thaught she was going to stop but she went even harder screming “I’m about to cum also” and she did about a pint of cum was in and between us.
She fell on top of my chest breathing hard as was I. We both layed there for a while covered in sweat and cum breathing heavy.
Molly picked her self up and gently lefted her self off me and started to suck up all are juices. She got every last drop. As she came close I noticed she hadn’t swalload yet. She used her hand to open my mouth and spitt the juices into my mouth. It tasted amazing. We kissed for hours exchanging are cum into each others mouth.
After it was all done a I found all my clothes and got dressed. I kissed her one more time before i left and she responed with ” I need a sitter for tommorow night are you interested”.

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