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My older woman

Where it happened: My mum's friends house
Langauge: English
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

My mum asked one of her friends last year if I could stay with her for a few days while she was on holiday with my dad.She lived alone and had plenty of space in her house plus I always got on well with her so that was no problem.I arrived at her house on the Friday evening and we had a few drinks before I went up to bed.
The next morning I heard my mum’s friend come into the room.I don’t think she realised I was awake.As she bent down to put a cup of coffee beside my bed on the floor my eyes fell to her breasts.They were clearly visible as her dressing gown had fell forward at the front.
She paused for a few s,then she realised I was staring at her breasts.I blushed slightly when she asked me what I thought I was looking at.I mumbled “nothing”. She straightened up and said,”You were looking down my gown weren’t you?” I muttered “Sorry” to her.
She asked me why I was sorry and she said,”Didn’t you like what you saw.You’re a healthy young man and I’m a girl with the sort of figure that boys like to look at!”
She then asked how her breasts compared to others I had seen.I eventually told her, after hesitating, that hers were the first pair of breasts I’d seen in the flesh.
She was slightly taken aback,but seemed excited at the thought.”Would you like a proper look at them?” she asked in a husky, sexy voice.
I nodded yes surprised at her offer.She was licing her lips and looking at me straight in the eye.She undid the belt of her gown and let it slip open,revealing her tanned body and swell of her cleavage.She peeled back the gown to reveal her breasts in all their glory,she must have seen the look of amazement on my face.
“Do you like what you see?” she asked,not too big,not too small,a nicely rounded pair of soft but firm 38C tits!”
I was speechless as I watched her fondle herself and rub her erect nipples between her fingers.She smiled at me,moved closer,taking hold of my hand and moving them onto her breasts.I really enjoyed the feel of them.I fondled them, not too gently at first but under her guidance learned how to caress them to give her the greatest pleasure.I tweaked her nipples gently before she let me take them into her mouth,with a warning not to get too carried away with my teeth.
As she stood up,her breasts wet from,my tongue,my gaze drifted past her stomach to her lacy knickers,through which I could see her pubic hair.She asked if I had ever seen a cunt before.I said “No” and she hooked her fingers into the waistband of her knickers and pulled them down to reveal her pubic hair to me.She stepped out of them,lifting one foot and placing it on the edge of the bed to reveal her gaping wet cunt.She ran her fingers across her pubic mound and up and down the line of her crack,releasing cum juice onto her fingers and down her thighs.She gently touched her clit and she shuddered with excitement.
“Your turn!” she told me,and she slowly pulled back the covers on my bed to reveal my very hard penis.I was embarrassed at first,but I soon recovered when she lowered her hands to caress my penis.
“It’s not very big”,I said to her,but she said that it wasn’t just size that was needed to excite a girl.She leaned over me and gently kissed the end of my penis.As she licked my penis,and gently pulled my foreskin back,I could tell I was almost ready to come.She sucked my penis harder,gently wanking the base of it.I moved my hands to feel her breasts and cunt,my penis hardening more and realising I was reaching orgasm.She pulled her head back and wanked me hard,and my cum sprayed out as I orgasmed loudly.Four spurts of cum landed on my stomach and coated her hand.She looked me in the eye and then bent down to lick the rest of thecum from my penis and stomach,I was in ecstasy.
“We haven’t finished yet”,she told me and after a few s,to her amazement,my penis was getting really hard again.
She went down on me again,taking more and more of my penis into her mouth and the back of my throat.She must have thought not very big indeed!I am at least 7 inches long!
As she sucked on my penis I hardened even more.She released my penis and sat astride me,the end of my penis brushing against the opening of her cunt.She took my penis in her hand and brushed my penis over her clit back and forth.She cried out after a few minutes and I felt her cum juices flowing down the shaft of my penis,soaking my penis and balls.
She adjusted her position and slowly let my penis slip into her wet cunt.She rode me furiously and she shuddered as she was orgasming and she gripped my penis with the walls of her cunt.I could tell I was about to cum,and she told me she was on the pill and she would let me shoot my cum into her cunt.She jerked all over the place as her orgasm reached its peak and I shot my load of cum into her cunt.
We stayed in that position for ages,and I gently teased her with the slow thrust of my penis as it softened and slipped out of her.She fingered her cunt to feel our mixed cum juices,then put her fingers to her mouth to taste both of our cum juices together.
“Any complaints”, she asked me with a smile.
“Just one,” I replied.”My coffee’s gone cold!”
She pulled my penis playfully and she told me I wasn’t getting any more coffee until I had fucked her at least two more times.I agreed!
We now see each other regularly as a couple and my parents know about us too,and they have been okay about their friends relationship with me.Nothing like the experience of an older woman and she has taught me lots about sex and I’m so happy!

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