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My Older Sister Sam

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: home
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Straight

I lived at home in a middle class suburb of New York with my very normal family consisting of my natural parents and my older sister Samantha, and the events of what happened when I was fifteen may be interesting to some of your readers, but first let me give you some background.

At seventeen Samantha, or Sam as I refer to her, caused considerable excitement in our family when she won a beauty contest sponsored by a major national magazine and had her partially clad body spread out upon the front cover. She was beautiful, even at that young age, but it seemed that the guys in the neighborhood her age were all too scared to ask her out after that, positive I am sure that they would be rejected if they did – and none of us like to be rejected.

The following year she was involved in a scandal which involved her much older agent, a man 25 years her senior with whom his wife photographs of the two of them having sex in a swank hotel in Monte Carlo. The scenes obtained were graphic. They were sent to my parents regular postage in a plain brown paper envelope and almost caused my poor mother to go into convulsions the moment the envelope was opened. They were thrown down on the coffee table as my mother gasped, then grabbed her keys and took off with the car to my sisters school.

The photographs were interesting. Sam sucking his cock. Sam sitting on his cock, most of it inside her. Sam crouched over on the bed, completely naked, her butt up in the air and her agent kneeling on the bed behind her, his cock planted firmly inside of her – they must have had camera’s set up all around the room! There was no doubt that Sam was having fun!

I was thirteen at the time, but the graphic content of the photographs were such as what I will never forget!

Sam kept modelling, but after that she never left New York unless my mother went with her – poor Sam!

We had a back yard pool, very private, with a big fence surrounding the entire back yard. In the summer Sam and I would swim and sunbathe. It was the way we spent the summers, and when my mother was out at the club, which she was most days Sam would have her top off and would bask her naked breasts in the sun – to avoid the tan line thing. The site of her breasts was not one which I considered unusual, and my being there didn’t seem to bother her at all.

At twenty Sam was still doing some modelling – she had a beautiful figure at that age – but her goal in life was to become a veterinarian and now she was attending University and concentrating her time on her studies. There she’d be, lying on the deck chair, naked breasts, a glass of ginger ale beside her on the ground, and eyes glued to a book while she marked it with a high-lighter. Once in a while the scene would be interupted as she would have me come over and rub sun tan lotion over her back and then she’d roll over and have me do her front. I would play with her tits, and watch the nipples rise, and Sam would laugh and then act like I was stupid and push me away. Once when I was rubbing it on her belly my hand slipped down an inch or so beneath her bikini bottoms and I could feel the hair of her crotch when I went in there. She didn’t say a thing, and my hand kept sliding downward, a little further each time as it softly rubbed the mound, the fingers of my hand mingling in the softness of its hair. When finally my hand slipped down below it, and a finger went into the wet slit she pushed my hand away, and told me to stop, then went back to reading her book as though it didn’t happen! I was scared she’d tell my mom, but she didn’t. It was the only time she let me go that far.

On occassion her friend Kim would come over, a beautiful girl Sam’s age of Oriental extraction who liked the sun as much as Sam, and like Sam, would like to lie there in the sun, her top off, occassionally asking me to rub the lotion on her as I did to Sam. On the first occassion she was a little hesitant when I rubbed it on her breasts, but then she got used to it and would actually close her eyes and murmur soft pleasurable sounds as I would rub and play with her nipples. On one occassion as I played with the nipples her hand went down inside her bikini. She was moaning softly to herself, or so it seemed, and I could see Sam stop reading and turn and watch her. There was Kim, lying on her back, her hand beneath her bikini and between her thighs now rubbing up and down upon her crotch, and then suddenly she stopped, as though it were an act, and her and Sam started laughing like they were crazy.

I was mad, for it seemed that they’d made fun of me, and off I went into the house. They could rub the lotion on their own stupid bodies!

About a week later it was the same thing, the previous incident almost forgotten. We were out there and I was rubbing lotion onto Kim when Sam got up and said she was going to the store to get some ice cream. She would be back in half an hour.

I continued rubbing the lotion onto Kim, now rubbing it on her belly. She was lying there with her eyes closed, and then one of her hands came down and joined mine as I rubbed the soft skin, around the belly button, against the elastic of the bikini bottoms; and then her hand was over mine, helping me rub the lotion in, softly, then pushing my hand against the elastic, then under it. I could feel the hair, the feathery softness of the patch of down beneath her bikini. My hand still going further, and then it was I felt the lips of it and softly rubbed them. They were larger than my sisters for some reason, almost bulging out, filling themselves against my hand. She wasn’t stopping me, her eyes still closed as though she didn’t even realize I was there. My hand slipped further, and I noticed then her legs as one now moved and parted, opening her thighs, giving to my roaming hand the access in between. My finger slipped inside the slit, and it seemed I felt her move and push against it, and then my finger touched the part, the depths of her awaited, then the finger went inside. The wetness seemed to welcome it, embracing it, then clasped itself upon it.

Suddenly she stopped me, sitting up and pulling away my hand, and I still sat there beside the lounger, wondering perhaps if she had been asleep and had awoken to find me doing things perhaps she had wanted!? For just a moment I was terrified, not sure what it was to say or what to do; and watched as she got up and took my hand, pulling me to my feet. “Maybe you should show me your bedroom,” she whispered, as then she leaned against me and then kissed me on the cheek.

We fucked. We swam. And then she slipped into her bottoms and then went back to lying on the lounger, just the same as she had done before. I kept swimming, hardly beleiving we had done it, my cock still sore from being squeezed inside of her when she orgasmed and milked the poor thing dry. I heard Sam’s voice. There she was with the ice cream, three dishes with strawberries on top and fresh whipped cream.

I climbed out of the pool and ate it with them, then Kim went home and Sam went inside to begin preparing supper for our mother.

About a month later, in the evening when our folks had gone to bed and after Sam and I had gone to our rooms I heard Sam knocking softly on my door, whispering for me to let her in. I opened it.

“I’m embarrassed,” she said, “I need your help.”

I was sitting there in my pyjama’s on the side of my bed, and wondered what she wanted. I followed her down the hallway and into her room.

She sat down, and then looked at me, and tried to smile. “I need your help,” she began saying as she reached onto her bed for a package that was there. She handed it to me, and I looked inside the paper sack to see a peculiar white plastic thing, about eight inches long. It looked like something you would see in a doctor or a dentists office, and I took it out and looked at it, not really having a clue as to what it was or for what it might be used. I then pulled out the package inside, a doctors prescription stuck to the side of it – insert one daily before going to bed – and I still didn’t have a clue.

“I tried putting that thing inside of me and hurt myself,” she began saying, and then she pointed down between her thighs and I realized where she meant.

I looked at the plastic applicator, and how long it was. Yuck!

“Would you put it in?” she asked.

I looked at the white applicator, then at Sam. “This thing?” I asked.

“No the tablet silly!” she said, starting to smile. “That thing’s what hurt me.”

I looked at the package, then took out one of the big brown tablets. “You want me… to put it in you?” I asked hesitantly, “down there?” I continued, pointing to between her thighs.

She pulled her nightie up and laid back upon her bed, her head resting against the pillows, her womanhood exposed with the mound of thick black hair cropped up at the top and the slit with lessening hair and pouting lips descending from out of it.

She nodded, then placed both hands down and parted the lips, exposing a part of her I’d never seen, not even when I’d caught her naked in the bathroom on one occassion. It was similar to that of Kim’s, the only other that I’d seen.

“With my finger then?” I asked, putting aside the applicator and laying it on the night-table beside us.

She shook her head. “With your thingie,” she said, pointing to the rising thing inside my pyjama’s. “Your finger’s too short. It won’t go in me far enough.”

“You want me to…?” I said said hesitantly, before she interupted.

She shook her head. “I just need you to push it in, as far as it will go up in there.”

She lay down on the bed, and opened up her thighs some more as she waited for the rider to mount her, and watched as the stiff penis was removed from in the pyjama’s and placed against the tablet at entrance of her vagina.

Slowly I pushed it in, till such as now my balls were up agains her butt, straining as the thing they were attached to pushed deep inside the swollen lips and disappeared beyond.

“Don’t move,” she instructed, as I went to start the process of the thing I’d done with Kim.

She smiled, “I don’t need you to be fucking me. You’re my brother remember?”

I nodded, and she squeezed it, the walls of her vagina now firmly clasped upon the thing, muscles deep inside of her now squeezing, playing with its knob. I just lay there with it in her as she brushed the hair away from her face, then spoke as if to question. “Kim tells me you were the best she’s ever experienced. I think now I know why.”

“She told you that?”

She nodded. “Said she came three times.”

I didn’t know quite what to say.

“You’d better take it out of me and go back to your room.”

I took it out; put it back inside my pyjama’s and went to leave the room.

“Oh William,” she was saying, as I went to leave the room.
“Did you read the package?”

I shook my head.

“It says ‘once a day, before going to bed, for ten days’.”

“So you want me back tomorrow?”

She nodded. I smiled and went back to my room. It was better than rubbing sun tan lotion on her tits!

Twenty years have passed since then and much has since occurred. Fucking Kim became a regular occurence. She passed her bar exam soon after graduating from law school and now practices law in Boston with her husband. She got married about three years after the first occurence, and the last time that we did it, surprisingly enough, was just the night before she got married.

She had called me at home, crying, not sure if she was doing the right thing, and wanted to talk. By then I was eighteen and had a drivers licence and a car, and so I went over to her house and we went for a drive. We ended up in a secluded area down by the lake and walked for a while, then sat down in the grass as we listened to the waters lap against the lake edge. She talked a lot, and cried, and then we hugged, and one thing led to another and we ended up with all of our clothes off and fucking each other like a couple of crazy people. It was wild! It seemed that we were so exhausted from the experience that neither one of us could walk straight as we made it back to the car.

What happened between Sam and myself. Well she managed to get the tablets inserted as per the doctors instructions. Sam actually got married about six months after that and no further medication was required – so far as I was involved.

She and her husband moved to England, and then over to Germany where he was involved as an officer with the US military. It was four years later – I was Twenty by that time and still living at home – Kim had gotten married six months earlier – and Sam came home for Christmas and brought her two children with her. Her husband followed a week later.

A couple of days after Sam arrived back home her and I went to a local dance put on by the community and we had the best time ever. It was great seeing her again! On the way home in the car she was squeezed up against me on the front seat of my truck, like we were a couple of young lovers out on a date. I parked the truck. She kissed me, the tongue and all, and she giggled about the ‘medication’ I had given her, suggesting regrets we’d never gone the full distance.

We ended up going to bed in the early hours of the morning, and as I lay there I thought of what a great sister she was, almost like my best friend in the world, and for a moment felt a pang of jealousy for the guy she had married.

There was a soft knock at the door, and a whisper, and I could barely make her out as she snuck into the room, lifting up the covers of my bed and climbing in beside me. I turned to her, then as I touched my arm against her I realized she was naked.

“I’m so horny!” she whispered anxiously, “If I don’t get fucked tonight I’m going to be a basket-case by tomorrow.”

We fucked, and as the pale light of dawn rose I watched her leave my room and head back to the guest room with the children.

Our parents remarked the next morning how wonderful it was that their two children were such good friends, and expressed regret that for the first time in several years Kim would not be with us.

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