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My Latin Lover

Age when it happend: 20
Where it happened: Boy Friend's Apartment
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

We had been dating for about three weeks. I had just turned 20 and he was 29. I had been up to his apartment a few times already. Each time we got closer and closer. This night I knew we would make love.

When we got back from dinner, dancing, and a few drinks, Alex took out a bottle of champaigne he had been saving for a special time. He knew that I had never SEEN a naked man before, let alone had sex. He was kind, sweet, and considerate.

Snuggling up together on his couch, we shared a glass of champaigne, talking about nothing and everything. I was shivering, but it wasn’t cold in the room. Alex pulled me closer to him. I could here his heart beating hard in his chest, and I thought mine was going to explode! Alex began to whisper sweet nothings in Spanish into my ear as he gently carressed my arms. Relaxing, I looked up into his eyes and saw the passion flaring inside. He leaned forward and kissed me sweetly on my lips. Drawing back he said to me, “Are you ready for this, mi quierro?” “Yes,” I whispered nervously (I shuddered at the same time).

With this affirmation, Alex pulled me close to him and kissed long and hard – his tongue probing my mouth, brushing against my lips, darting in and out, preparing me for what was to come…. As he kissed me I began to relax and enjoy the moment. I could my myself becoming excited. My nipples were becoming hard, and I could feel a warming inside my belly. As we passionatly kissed I began to moan. “Oh, yes!” I whispered into his ear. “Yes, I want you tonight.!” Alex took this as his que to move his loving hands from my arms to my aching breasts. Gently he cupped my right breast in his left hand. He slowly began to knead my tit, and he rubbed his thumb across my very erct nipple. “Ohhhh,” I moaned, “That feels so good!” He then slipped his hands under my blouse and expertly unfastened my bra. He slide his hand back to my bare breast and continued to carress each one – first the right and then the left. I could feel my pussy getting hot, and I began to press into his embrace.

Our breathing was becoming heavier and faster. I pulled slightly away from Alex as he unbuttoned my blouse a slid it off my shoulders and onto the floor along with my bra. His eyes shown with delight as they dance from one full breat to the other. Suddenly he pulled me tightly to him and he began to smother my bobs with his hot, Latin lips. He sucked and pulled on each one until the yips were bright and pink. I almost came just from his love making of my breasts.

By now we were completely reclining on the couch – he was on top of me, and I could feel his hardness pressing against my hip. He was moving in a rythmic pulse as he suckled my tits, and then his hands began there journey downward. He ran his left hand up my right thigh, over my tight jeans. I couldn’t help but to respond by pressing my hips upwards. Alex continued to suck my boobs as he rubbed my very hot box over my jeans. My hips were now pumping with his rythum, begging for more. Quickly, he undid my jeans and slipped his hand into my pants. As his fingers brushed over my pants I knew that he could feel how wet I was. Breifly, he pulled away from my breasts, looked me in the eyes and said to me, “Oh, you’re so wet! I could almost taste you by how good you feel!”

“Feel me,” I said hoarsely. “I want to feel you inside me!”

With that, Alex engulfed my mouth with his and slid his finger deep into my very wet, very hot vigina. I thrust my hips into his hand and began to instinctivey grind my hips up and down and around. I was so wet that he easily slid two fingers into me and pumped them in and out until I felt like I was going to explode! “I think I’m going to cum! I can’t stand this any more!”

“Not yet, my sweet,” Alex said as he slipped his fingers out of me causing me to shudder. “No!” I moaned. “Be patient, mi carino,” he whisper into my ear.

Alex stood up off the couch and pulled me up with him. He embraced me tightly, and then he took my inexperienced hand and guided it over his hard cock inside his pants. I had no idea how hard a dick could get. I though for sure he would tear me wide open with a dick as hard and as big as his. Couriously I continued to rub him up and down. He then un zipped his pants and placed my hand inside. Now the only thing between my hand and his big cock was his underwear. As I touched his dick, I could feel it throbbing through his underwear. “Yes, my love. Touch me. I love the feeling of your hand against me. Squeeze me – it won’t hurt. Squeeze me hard!”

So, I squeezed him hard. I thought I would hurt him, but instead he moaned a deep, lustful moan. “Yes,” he said. “Oh, yes, that feels great!”

Not being able to stand the tension, Alex removed his jeans and underwear. As he straightened up I saw his cock thobbing and standing straight out. “Oh my god!” I exclaimed. “You’re so big! Is it going to hurt?”

“maybe a little a first, but I promise to be gently and to go slow.” Then he removed my jeans and wet panties and gently lowered me to the floor. I lay on my back as he lay next to me admiring all I had to offer. Again, he kissed me with love and passion. His kisses were deep and long. As he kissed me, again he began to explore me with his hands. It wasn’t long before he was playing with my clit and fingering my cunt causing my juice to flow like a river. I could feel his manliness rubbing against my thigh as the rythum of his love making became more urgent. Again, I could feel myself coming to a peek, and that’s when Alex said that it was time.

My legs were already spread open wide for him as he laid down between them. His cock bounced around between my legs as it approched my glistening, virgin opening. I could feel the head of his circumcise dick brush against my bush. I shuddered again, a little afraid, but his sweet cooing in my ear and reasuring words calmed my nerves. His big dick slid back and forth across my clit exciting me even more. I arched my back up and then thrust my hips up. His cock slid along my wet pussy, down to my butt hole. He slid back and forth along my slit making me hotter and wetter then I ever could imagine! Then, Alex pulled slightly back, and I could feel the head of his dick right up against me.

Slowly, slowly , slowly he eased his way into my virginity, passed the point of no return and deep inside of me. For a moment I was afraid. But then I could feel his pulse throbbing inside of me! “Ohhh, god…” I thought I was in heaven! “I love you,” he breathed into my ear. “I love you with all my heart, soul, and mind. You are beautiful!” For a moment we did not move… we lay motionless, bound as one… connected, finally together! Our eyes locked, and then the dance began…

First slowly he moved, pulling himself almost all the way out of me as I arched my back. And as I pushed my hips forward he slid slowly back in as deep as he could go. Each time he slid out I could feel the head of his hard dick pulling at me from the inside, and then I feel him slide all the back into me. Back and forth, in and out he moved, we moveed together as a single entity. In and out, faster and faster our passion grew until I coulde stand it no more! As his thrusts became more instsent, I could feel all the passion, all the emotions, all the love wellin gup inside of me right where his dick plunged in and out of me. I could see in his eyes and his face that he was close, too. “I think I’m going to cum,” I whispered urgently. “Can you cum with me?” I pleaded.

“Yes, my love. I will cum with you. Just let me know when…”

“Now!” I cried, “I’m going to cum now!” And as every fiber of my being erupted in bliss, I could feel my Latin lover make two final, deep thrusts and then press deep, deep into me. We maoned and groaned together, rocking back and forth, and we came togther for my first time. I could feel his cum pulsing into me as my puss pulsated around his dick. He filled me with his cum and his love, and I oozed with pleasure and delight. The sensation seemed to last an eternity as my fingers and toes tingled. I held him tight as he let go of his last shot and squeezed him tight with my puss. I wrapped my legs around him and held him deep inside of me. I could feel our warm love juices dripping down my ass and knew that this was just the beginning of new experiences to come!

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