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My Huge Dick

Where it happened: locker room
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

Ok well it all started when my girlfriend and i stayed after in school one day so after that we decided to stay a little bit later if ya know wha i mean… anyway we wre just walking around the halls and she said hey u wanna check out the girls locker room locker room cause ive never been there before but it probably looks like the guys locker room anyway so we go in were walking slowly and then she puts her hand on my cock well it grow hard right then and there so i decides to kiss her and it goes on from there her bra size was a beautifull 38c and she always wore tight clothes so she always looked hot anyway whe were making out tounge and all until i started taking off her shirt exposing her tits so she said take off my bra and suck on my nipples so i did andd i bit them and they got hard once again she started playing with my cock through my pants so i said go ahead take down my pants and suck on it (she has never seen my cock b4 we never got that far) so she does and pulls out my 8″ cock right away she was on it
over and over with her lucious lips and she licked it over and over it felts so good after that she pulled down her pants and started eating her out she tasted so good as she moaned and screamed she said oh baby fuck me so i put my pants back on ran over to the boys locker room which was right acroos the hall and i got a condom from the condom dispencer (gee who woulda thunk it) so i ran back put the condom on and she said stick it in slowly (being that she was a virgin) so i did but after that i was going so quickly in and out so fasti said ohh im gonna cum so she stops me pulls my dick out of her wet pussy and sucks on it i came 3 times and she came once that was my first time and were are still alive and togeter and fucking today

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