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My friend’s Mom

Where it happened: At friend's house
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

It was Halloween night and my friends and I got together at my
my friend’s house to play some laser tag in the night. We
ran around the neighbourhood all night. It was every man
for himself. So I was running from tree to tree, exausted
from a chase and I ran over to my friend’s house. I went in
the backyard and sat down against the house. The window to
the basement was right beside me and I peered into it.
There, lying on the couch watching TV was the most amazing
sight that I’ve ever seen. My friend’s mom (let’s call her
Mrs.H) was in a tight yellow, sexy bykini. I got a hard on
in s. I just sat there for a few minutes starring at
her. She was in her late 30’s but she looked a lot younger
cause she excercised a lot. Then she saw me. I was so
shocked and surprised that I froze and couldn’t move. She
recognized me and then stood up. She turned around, with
her back facing me, and took off her top! I couldn’t
believe it! This must be a dream, I thought. Then she gestured
me that I should come inside. I came in through the back door
but then thought about her husband. I didn’t recall seeing him
that night so he probably wasn’t home. I proceeded by going
down the basement where I found her, fully naked. My cock was
going to explode. She was so sexy. She closed all the blinds
and took off my clothes for me. I was still kind of shocked
and couldn’t move as freely as I would like too. I sat on the
couch and she gave me a blowjob. She started slowly but then
got faster and faster. I came in 5 minutes. I then lied
down on the couch, with her on top of me, and I sucked and
fondled her beautiful breasts. They were so nice and I couldn’t
get enough of then. She then said “I wanna ride you baby,”. I said
nothing, just lifted her up and had her sit on my dick. I fucked
her hard until she was screaming with pleasure. She was screaming
“Yes, yes, yes!!” for about 15 minutes. We did it until we
both came at the same time. It was incedible! I couldn’t believe
that it actually happened.
We only fucked twice which was the
next summer. She was home alone so she called me up and we
fucked for hours. It was so great and I’ll never forget her.

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