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My First Time with My wife

Age when it happend: 15[?]
Where it happened: Our barn
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

How did it happen? I don’t know really. Jerri and I had always known each other. Our parents owned abutting farms and I was alwys there or she was at our house. We played together . We went to school together. We went to church together. I am told that when we were babies we even slept together. Jerri was the sister I never had.

As we grew older, we developed a real love for each other. We shared joys and sorrows. I never had a realtionship with any other girl and I don’t think Jerri ever went out with another boy.

As I approached puberty I began to have feeling for Jerri that I felt guilty about. I began to hug her or just touch her at every chance I got. She did the same. The kissing came first. At first it was inexperienced little short pecks, but after a couple of months we would plaster our bodies together and lock lips for hours[ not really hours but for long times]. I am sure Jerri could feel my cock get hard through our clothes during those sessions.

So one afternoon Jerri and I were watching our bull mount her cow and that aroused me. I put my arm around Jerri’s slim waist and said, ” Maybe some day we can do that “

Jerri looked at me with those big beautiful gray eyes for a long time. Then a smile crossed her face; lighting up my world. She then gave me a long kiss.

” Do you think about that often?” she asked.

” All the time,” I said with a red face.

” Me too,” she replied.

We stood there for minutes; not saying anything; just staring. I knew it was up to me.

“Why don’t we make today our some day.” I said. Jesus ! That was damn near poetry.

“Where?” was Jerri’s next statement.

” In the hay mound!” I almost shouted.

Hand in hand we rushed to the barn and climbed up into the hay mound. Jerri took her shirt off; revealing a set of small but beautiful tits. I moaned and put my hands on them and then my mouth; sucking on first one then the other, Jerri arched her back and pulled my head hard against her chest. She then began to paw at my pants so I unzipped them and took them off with my shorts. Jerri stripped the rest of her clothes off and laid back with her legs spread wide. I just stared at her pussy.

“Hurry,” she urged.

We had a hard time getting my big cock into her small cunt; whar with the inexperience and her pain, But eventually we began to fuck easily. I shot my load quickly and noisily. Jerri screamed from pleasure when she climaxed.

After that afternoon we fucked every chance we could. We both loved it. From our readings and a couple of X-rated videos we also learned how to give each other oral pleasure and anal pleasure.

When I got my first car, I used to go and pick up Jerri for school. Almost every day we would have sex on the way to school and on the way back. Most often Jerri would give me and blow job and/or I would eat her delicious cunt.

I am sure our parents knew what was going on, and they were extremely pleased when we told them we were going to get married. WE got married the week after graduation.

Now we have a son and an infant daughter. We are very happy and proud. We still enjoy each others bodies – at least twice a week.

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