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My First Time With my Hot MOM part 1

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: at my HOUSE
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

Where should I start??.. Lets start with my mom first. My mom is 5’8 31 years old Married. And has a 36D breast. It all started when I was only 14 I was going home from schooll, when I got there My mom is still not home shes still maybe in work.My dad is still not home to because hes on a buiseness trip.. so I went upstairs to my room change my clothes.. and directly went to my mothers room..Im searching for a piece of panty to use it for jacking off. when suddenly I heared a horn of a car as i looked to the window its my moms car. I said to mysel “bad timing” so i went downstairs to meet my mom as i opened the door mom is very happy he hugged me and she said to me that she got promoted. as she still hugging me I can feel her big big breast on my chest.. My cock wokes up.. and i said to my mom “Mom your choking me” oh sorry, said my mom.. on that day nothing happened yet.. lets skip on the other day. when we where jogging.. at the park.. Its Sunday that day I waked up early.I can hear my mom downstairs at the kitchen cooking some breakfast. As I go downstairs I saw my hot mom wearing a fit pants and fit T-shirt with no bra. I can barely see her hard nipples on the white T-shirt her wearing.. I talk to her “Mom you woke early..” you woke early too, she said. “I can see your wearing my old T-shirt, are you gonna jog later? cause i wanna jog too..” I said “sure, mom said.. When we Finished eating breakfast we went straight. to the park and start jogging.. As we jogged I can see her big breasts bouncing and bouncing.. I almost trip that time when I was peeking my moms breast.. Mom smiled at me.. at home we need to take a shower because were all sweaty. I can see moy moms big tits.. there is only one shower so I let my mom go first.. when she finished taking a shower Its my turn.. As I opened the shower door I saw my moms panties she forgot it.. so I take a shower and rubbing that pantie on my cock and imagining that Im fucking my mom.. When suddenly I heared my moms voice saying “bryan I forgot something there” she opened the door seing me naked and holding her pantie. I was very very nervous that time. then she just smiled at me saying its ok bryan. I was very very shocked… PART 2 SOON

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