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Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: My Neighbor's House
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I live across the street from a real nice man. He’s older than my Dad, but in much better shape. I don’t really know his age, probably about middle forties. Growing up was fun when he was around. He always had something funny to say, or something fun for all us kids to do. He really likes us. No, that’s not right. He loves us. For sure.

When I started developing sexually, he noticed, and complimented me frequently. That made me feel good, because Dad and my brothers deliberately ‘didn’t notice’ I was growing tits and a fine ass. Mom only said I was about to enter “The Trouble Times of My Life”, whatever the hell that means.

I had some dates, and let a couple boys kiss me a few times. Once I let a boy suck my nipples. Another time I let a different boy feel my ass and pubic mound through my jogging shorts. They were little shits. All of them told their friends they fucked me. Little teenage weenie liar shits. To hell with them all.

My friend across the street was my confidant. I told him about it, and he understood my feelings. Sure, I am fifteen, and I want to fuck just like every other girl my age, but I DO NOT want to do it with a teenie-weenie big mouth tell all little shit.

He understood me completely, and hugged me, and held me close to him. He smelled good! He always smells clean, and smells like a man should. That excites me.

He had seen me naked several times in the past, because we went swimming when I was little. I think he even changed a few of my diapers when I was real small. Anyway, last week I was over at his house, and was sitting on the couch talking to him. I was on his lap, which wasn’t unusual for me to do. I often feel like his little girl. This day, I had no bra or panties on, just a pair of stretch terrycloth short-shorts, and a cut-off tee shirt.

I’m typical for fifteen. I’m 32B-23-34, about 95 pounds, and five feet even. My hair is waist length, never been cut, and jet black, I have blue eyes, and pale skin. My looks are average, I’m no beauty.

As I sat on his lap and leaned against his chest, he massaged my shoulders and ran his fingers through my hair. Just then, his wife came through the living room, and said she was going to her sister’s house to babysit for the evening. She left us alone, as she had many times before.

He continued the massage, and worked his hands down my back. He massaged my waist and started up my back again, but this time with his hands under my shirt. They were warm, and strong, and masculine. It felt good to have his hands on me.

I shifted around a little more facing him, and put my arms around his neck and kissed him. We had kissed before, but this time was different. I felt like a woman in a man’s arms, not a little girl anymore. He kissed me back for a long time. He kept one hand on my back, and slid the other one down my side to my legs. He rubbed my legs and my hips, and complimented my figure. He said he thought I really looked fine. I kissed him again, and he brought his hand up under my shirt and held my left tit. My nipple was already hard before he touched me there. He was gentle and caressed both my tits slowly and gently. Then he unbuttoned his shirt and opened it in front. He guided me and I lifted the front of my shirt and pressed my tits against his chest. OH God … it felt so good. He held me tight and rubbed my back some more.

I was kinda twisted, sitting across his lap rubbing my tits against his chest. I got up and straddled his lap, facing him, with a knee on each side of his hips. I leaned foreward and placed my tits against his chest again. He slid his hands down my back and rubbed my ass a little. Then he asked me if I wanted to take off my shirt. I said yes, and did immediately. He complimented my tits, and touched them gently with his hands. I raised up on my knees and guided my right nipple to his mouth.

He took it in and began to suck gently, and rub it with the tip of his tongue. It felt SO FINE. I put my hands behind his head, and switched nipples in his mouth. He had moved his hands down to my hips, and was rubbing my ass and thighs. Then he started rubbing my mound. It set me on fire. First I kinda jerked away, then I put it right back for him to feel me off. He rubbed me gently through my shorts for a while, then slid his fingers inside both legbands at the same time. He pulled my shorts down a little to make some room, and then touched my clit with his fingers. I was wet instantly, and he spread my fluid all around inside my private parts. He stroked my inner lips and my clitoris for a long time.

I pulled my shorts halfway down my thighs, and arched my back, making my mound stick out more. He continued to caress me there for a long time. Pretty soon, he put a finger inside me, and felt all around inside me. Then he put two fingers in me. That was tight, and almost hurt, but not a bad hurt, just an intense feeling. In just a minute it wasn’t uncomfortable any longer. I liked the feeling of being stretched tight down there.

I got hotter and hotter. I held his hand in place, stood up, and took my shorts off with my other hand. When I straddled his lap again, I spread my legs wide apart for him. He continued to caress me and stretch me with one hand, and he opened his pants with the other. When he pulled his huge dick out, I was scared at first. There was no way that monster would fit inside of me. (Later, I learned it was average size for a mature man). He guided my hand to it, and asked me if I wanted to rub it between my legs. I didn’t answer, I just moved the head to my wet spot, spread my lips and began moving it around down there. It felt different. It felt good. I guided it to the entrance of my vagina, and started slowly working it inside of me.

I was a tight little virgin, and it just wasn’t easy to get that big dick in me. He didn’t shove at all, he said I should be in control. I just kept pushing down a little at a time, and in about five minutes the head was all the way in me. I never broke or tore. I guess we went slow enough for me to stretch open.

We scooted to the edge of the couch, and in just a couple minutes I worked the rest of it into me. I wrapped my legs around his waist, and my arms around his neck, and sat down hard on him. He gently began thrusting up into me, just a little bit at a time. I could feel the veins and bumps on his dick as they slipped inside me. We were there. He was all the way in me, and I had no pain at all. He said “Let’s move to the bedroom”. He leaned foreward to balance my weight, and stood up. His pants slid to the floor, and he stepped out of them. He carried me to the bed riding on his huge erect penis. It was too intense for me, and I started an orgasm while he walked to the bedroom. I was going real good when he laid me on the bed, still deep in me, and started hunching me.

That made it better for me, and I had another peak in that first orgasm. As I settled down, he scooted me further up on the bed, still big inside me. He rolled over with me on top, and had me cross my ankles between his legs. OH SHIT! OH GOD! It was fantastic! I went off again and again. Multiple orgasms.

He held me by the ass and pressed me down on his dick. I felt him pumping cum inside me. After that, his erection went down.

We both collased in each others’ arms and I think we both dozed off for a couple minutes. When I woke up, he was still in me, and was getting big again. That was special for me. He hunched me some more, and I hunched him back while I rubbed my tits all over his chest and kissed him. I didn’t have another orgasm, but I felt him juicing up my insides some more.

After it was over, we showered together. He washed me out inside with a Summer’s Eve douche. Then he dried me with a towel and powdered me with body powder, rubbing it in with his hands. It was so good!

I never bled nor hurt, but I was real sore the next couple days. My clit seems super sensitive now. All I have to do to get wet now is remember last week. As soon as the mental images come, I’m sopping wet and swolen down there.

We haven’t had a chance to do it again, but we will. He promised me, and he’s never broken a promise as long as I can remember. Wish me luck.

Kimberly F.

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