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My first time

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: My dorm room
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

Ok so I started dating this guy the summer before my junior year of high school. We met in summer school and instantly hit it off. It took him about a month to finally kiss me and it was so cute how nervous we both were. After that kiss we couldn’t keep our hands off eachother. We would dry hump in his room ALL the time. I’d give him head and he was addicted to eating my pussy out. He loved eating my pussy and i had no complaints. During my senior year I applied to go to college out of town and when I got accepted he was a bit upset because he wanted me to stay in town with him. But i couldn’t…although I loved him (at the time) i had to pursue my dreams of going to college up state. So anyways fast forward to the middle of my freshman year in college (we had been dating 2 years by this time) and I decided I wanted to be his first as well as he be mine. So we got him a ticket to come visit me at my school and luckily my roommate agreed to go home for the weekend to give me and him privacy. When i picked him up at the train station i remember looking at him and thinking “wow he’s so handsome, i can’t believe we are actually going to go thru with this.” Immediately when we got back to my dorm room we started to make out heavily. He slipped his hand down my pants, and fingered me while we kissed passionately. Soon my pants were on the floor and his were off too. I knelt down and licked his hard dick. I remember it being the hardest I’d ever seen it. I licked tiny circles around the tip and took his entire dick in my hot mouth for what seemed forever. After some more sucking and licking he came all over my breast. He layed me down on my bed and spread my legs and started to eat my already wet juicy pussy. he licked my clit and i felt like i was in heaven. i held his head in my pussy while i came and he licked up all my pussy juices. After that we looked at eachother and he asked if i was ready. I say yes and he tore open the new box of condoms he had bought for the trip. Once we had slipped it on he climbed on top of me and kissed me passionately and told me he loved me. Then he grabbed his hard dick and placed it at my wet opening. slowly he nudged his head inside my pussy. we were both really nervous so he took it slow. after some more “i love you’s” he started to nudge harder inside my pussy. i wrapped my arms around his back and pulled him into me because we were both so horny by this time and i couldnt take it. once he was past my cherry his face lit up and he started to really pound me. sliding in and out harder and harder each time. by this time the pain had subsided and i was thrusting my hips into his. It was wonderful. We were making love. After about 2 min. he came (remember it was his first time too). he was sooo happy. But he wasn’t happy that I hadn’t come so he slipped off the condom and got a fresh one. Within minutes he was hard again and we began fucking like crazy. I rode his hard dick with my tits bouncing in his face until i came. I came sooo hard. It was amazing. We continued to fuck that entire weekend he was up there.
About a year later we ended up breaking up and now I’m married to the most wonderful man I have ever known. And although I love sex with my husband about 100 times better I will never forget my first time. The feelings, the nervousness, the excitement and the love we had for one another (at the time). Luckily we are on good terms and I’m happy that he’s finally moved on with his life. I will never forget u.

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