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my first teenage fuck

Where it happened: her bed
Langauge: English
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

whoah! i asked out this girl i had the hots for and we went to a movie. she made the first move and soon our hands were under each others pants. so my finger went for her pussy and she was real wet. she rubbed my dick but not hard enoygh to make me cum. so after the movie she sais lets go my house. i think i knew what might happen and i just hoped i would perform ok. it was cool cause she made sure i performed ok. we went to her room cause no one was home and she pulled off her shirt and nothing was on underneth but i already knew that from the theater. still she looked hot. then she pulled off my shirt and pushed me on her bed. she was kissing my chest and sayin she likes guys with their shirts off. i played with her brests and told her i feel the same way bout girls. soon she pulled my pants off and hers too and when we were butt naked she said she was ready to fuck and that was music to my ears. I was hard as a rock and had no problem performing. fuck, it was so cool sliding my dick in and out of her slick tight pussy while she moaned and licked my niples and rapped her legs around me. it felt great to fill up her pussy then she wanted more!

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