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My first, sweet, lesbian experience

Age when it happend: 17
Where it happened: Heaven
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 7
Category: Lesbian

I had never really enjoyed sex with men very much-I didn’t like feeling like I was just some hole there to fuck…I had thought about women before, many times, but I didn’t know how to go about finding one to have an experience with. Then I met Sara..with her deep brown eyes and flowing brown hair…those enormous breasts and shapely hips, she was a walking wet dream. We had been friends for a short 2 months or so, but we were very close.
One night, while drinking cheap 40’s, chain-smoking and bitching about men (I had just been cheated on by my “boyfriend”), we began to talk about girls. She asked me if I ever thought about girls, and admitted she did. Sweetly and innocently, she told me she’d never been with a girl, and she asked me if I would be her girlfriend. It was so sweet and adorable, of course I said yes.
Awkwardly and nervously, we kissed. Her lips were full and sweet. I pushed her soft locks of hair behind her ear and kissed her neck. She stopped and smiled at me for a moment in appreciation and approval. I took her hands and led her slowly to my bedroom. The air was warm and fragrant, and I closed the door behind us.
In the dim light I touched her gingerly, moving my hand to the bottom of her shirt and slipping it off of her. I gazed at her soft stomach and took off my clothes except my bra and panties. Then I moved my arm around her, kissing her deeply and unhooking the clasp of her silk blue bra. She touched my shoulder as I moved my mouth from hers and began caressing her breasts and licking her nipples with my tongue. Her breasts were so warm and soft, and her nipples became erect at the touch of my tongue. I lay her on the bed and rested on top of her, still pleasing her nipples with my tongue. I sucked her breasts like an infant, she lay helpless, enjoying it.
Slowly, nervously, I slipped my hand down her panties, rubbing the area just above her pubic hair. She loved it, she wanted me to touch her delicate flower. I moved my finger into her pussy, dipping it in and out of her wetness. She moaned, I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to please her. I pulled her panties off of her, and spread her legs. I pulled her wet pussy to my lips and began barely touching her clit with the tip of my tongue. She gasped, and pulled my head closer to her wetness. I put my tongue inside of her, her juices swarmed my tongue. I grabbed her thighs with my hands, keeping her legs spread in an embrace around my face and went deeper inside her with my tongue.
Hey body writhed and convulsed, she began breathing heavily. I pulled my tongue out and teased her clit with my tongue, moving it side to side, between my tongue and my lips. I went faster, her body hot in my hands. My tongue hit her clit harder and harder as I could tell she was feeling it more and more. She grabbed the edges of the bed, hanging on tight. Her hips moved with the rhythm of my quickly moving tongue. Finally, with a moan, her body exploded into orgasm, and her juices flowed from her pussy.
She lay twitching for a moment, enjoying the sweet tingle after the orgasm. I couldn’t stand it, pleasuring her had made me soaking wet, I needed her. I pulled off my bra and panties and moved my pelvis over her beautiful face. She put her tongue inside of me, deep. I sat on her face and fucked her tongue. It was wet and warm. I moved my clit over her tongue and rode her face back and forth. I could feel the blood building in me, the human heat between my pussy and her face was overwhelming. My cum came gushing out of me and flowed rapidly.
We both had to cum again. We moved into 69 position and ate eachother for a very long time. We came several times that night. After we were finished we held eachother through the night, enjoying the warmth of eachother’s naked bodies and exploring eachother. After that night, I realized no man can compare to the touch of a woman, and no one can meet my needs quite like another woman can. I love you Sara…

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