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My First Prostitute

Age when it happend: 24
Where it happened: Motel room
Langauge: Eng
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

This is about my first encounter with a lady of the night. I married young to my high school sweet heart and had never done anything with prostitutes before. As part of my job, I was away to another city for factory training staying in a motel.

I’d been gone for three days and I was sure missing my wife (and her body). I went out on the balcony just killing time and to look around. It was then that I noticed this blond girl walking in front of the other building. She was wearing a white tank top and these short tight white shorts and did she ever look good. She then walked over to my building walking it. She ended up walking by my room. As she walked behind me and then away from me to turned and looked at her beautiful ass and shapely legs. I then got to thinking that she might be a prostitute working the motel.

The next day after training, I stopped at a drive in bank and broke a $100 bill. I then went to a drug store and got a three pack of condoms. All just in case. That evening at the motel, I again went out on the balcony. It wasn’t long and I spotted her again. This time dressed in a red top and black shorts. She made her rounds and finally made it to my balcony. As she walked up to me I smiled and said “Good evening” to her. She stopped saying “Good evening ” to me. We then made some small talk and then she ask “Is this your room”? I said yes. She then said “Would you like a little company this evening”? I said “Maybe”. I then ask her “How much do I need?” referring to money. She said “I need fifty”. I agreed and unlocked my door and invited her in.

We got in and I reached in my pockets and pulled out $50 and gave it to her. She then ask if I had condoms. I pulled out the three pack and showed her. She put the fifty in her purse and then came up to me rubbing on my dick through my pants. I reached down rubbing my hand against her pussy and then down her leg.

She then backed up and went to removing her clothes. I did the same. I stood showing my dick to another woman other than my wife for the first time in my life. She then went and laid down on the bed spreading her legs giving me a good look at her pussy. I sat on the edge of the bed and started running my hand over her body. Her body felt so good and just made me get hornier. I rolled on a condom and got between her legs. I lowered my body and she took my dick and ran it up and down the lips of her pussy a few times. She then held it to the opening as I for the first time pushed into a woman that wasn’t my wife. I went in all the way and then started thrusting her. It felt so good and I felt so naughty like at what I was doing that I soon pumped a good load of cum into the condom.

I then slowly pulled out of her and took off the condom. I went to the bathroom to wash up. I’d heard this was a good idea after being in a prostitute. She dressed and left. I felt a bit guilty but slept good that night. All I can say is she was sure good.

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