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My First Orgasm

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: camper
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

It was a hot Summer night and my best friend and I were out in his parents camper wasting away some time before we started our freshman year in high school. Tim and I had known each other since we were in grade school. In fact, our parents had known each other since they were kids. We were about to go to different schools. My parents decided that I needed to go to private High School to challenge my grades while Tim would go to the local high school. We decided to have a night of fun and craziness. We set out to toilet paper a couple of houses and generally raise hell. When we were done we retreated to Tim’s parent’s camper parked out front in his driveway. Time passed and we talked about the girls we had seen in school and the thing we dreamed about doing to them. My head was spining as we talked. We undressed to get ready for bed. I noticed that once we were down to our white briefs, that Tim was hard as a rock. He started talking about girls and what he would like to do if he had the chance. Then he started talking about what his older brother had told him and then told me that he had orgasmed thinking about it. I didn’t understand as I was a complete virgin. I had never had an orgasm. Tim was leaning back on the bed talking about girls. His young and smooth body was laying back with his fully erect penis pushing through his briefs. I too started to get hard just thinking about the girls. I had been swimming for years before this night so I was in great shape. I think Tim looked at me and was arroused at my smooth, tanned and muscular body. But I was a late-bloomer and had not yet matured. Tim was spread out in front of me. I’m sure I wasn’t gay just curious. Suddenly, Tim lowered his briefs showing a smooth body with a small whisp of hair just above his penis and a small patch of hair in his arm pits. He looked just like me,…smooth and imature. I was so excited to know what it felt like to be with a girl that I slid out of my briefs and stood above him. He continued to talk about girls while he revealed his man-hood. He said he’d like me to think of him as a girl and asked me “what would I do”. I was so confused by this time that I lowered myself towards him with my semi hairless hard-on aching. As he laid back, fully exposed, I lowered my self towards him. His penis was firm and throbing as we talked about girls. As I got closer to his semi hairless 5 inch member I recall this overwhelming sense of pressure in my own penis. The pressure was incredible. I thought I was going to exploid and I ran to the Camper bathroom. I had had my first orgasm. It was incredible! I must have orgasmed 3 times. The volume of cum was incredible. When it was all over I told Tim that I was not feelng well. He asked to do the same thing I did and I told him I couldn’t. I was so confused but happy. We fell asleep and never talked about it again. Were both happy heterosexuals today, married with kids. While it’s a crazy situation I’ll never forget the first Orgasm.

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