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Where it happened: my boyfriends house
Langauge: English
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

I was in my boyfriends house and his parents weren’t home, just his sister. So we were in his room and he was watching me masterbate and then his sister walks in and sees us. She then sits beside her brother(my boyfriend) and watches me. They watch me for a couple minutes when she says to us that she should go because her boyfriend would be there at any minute but she doesn’t get up. She then starts to undo her blouse and starts rubbing her boobs. She then reaches over and takes of my shirt and bra. I can see my bf cock rising as he takes this all in. She then sits beside me and licks my nipples which makes them very perky bf then takes off his shirt pants and boxers and i sit there and look at his wet cock and then he comes over and licks my very very wet pussy.His sisters boyfriend then comes into the room and immediatley strips down to nothing and masterbates until his cock is waving around straight up. my bf then enters me while his sister is sucking my boobs and her bf enters her from the rear. all of us are fucking until they decide to swich and the sisters 3 fingers are in my pussy and my bf is getting gay fucked my her bf. she licks my pussy so softly andso gently that it send s tingles down my spine and i climax. i tell my bf and he instantly enters my again and shoots his load all up inside me. it was the best experience that i ever had……im meeting everyone again tomight for a time….it should be great….happy fucking everyone!!!

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