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Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: my house
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 5
Category: Straight

I was 14 at the time and was very adventurous. i had had my first kiss the previous summer by a guy 4 years older than me and had sucked a guy’s dick w/ 2 other girls. my brother had introduced me to porn and masturbating and i had never imagined what was going to happen. i often masturbated to stories and enjoyed myself. my brother’s best friend was 18 and i was in love with him. he was really sweet and extremely hot. i had always dreamed of fucking him. as i thaught i was home alone one day i had started masturating to the thought of my brother’s best friend. when i was home alone i liked to make sound effects to myself but little did i know eliot(my brother’s best friend) was right out side my door. i was breathing really heavy and was moaning and eliot burst in wondering if he could help. i was startled at first but his buldge in his pants helped me to deicide to let him stay. so there i was butt naked with a really hot guy looking at me. he asked how far i had gone and i told him. he got pretty excited b/c since no one had gone down my pants i must have been pretty tight. he wanted me to relax so he started to slowly lick down my stomach and massaging in between my legs. as he got down to my hole he started licking it slowly avoiding my clit. i was close to cumming just from him doing that but he told me not to or he wouldn’t fuck me. he started fingering me and started flicking my clit faster and faster. i pushed my hips up against his face and he fasted his mouth on my clit sucking and licking it. i was going crazy and i came letting out a long scream. he prolonged my pleasure and continued. i was ready to fuck. he started out really slow. he put his dick at the edge of my hole and rubbed it up and down to make it easier. he pushed it in slowly little by little. it hurt but i was enjoying the moment. he kept on pulling it out and slowly pushing it in further each time. about the 3rd time he said he wanted something more erotic. so he took my brother’s belts and tied my wrists and ankles together. he said he wanted to fuck me but he wanted me then and didn’t care if he was hurting me. he slammed into me and i screamed. he was at least 8 inches. he kept ramming into me and i screamed for him to stop b/c i was in pain and had enough. he kept on going. i was exhausted and he hadn’t cum yet. i came 2 times and he finally came and shot deep. he ate me out and fucked me more and more. he used me as his slave and stuck his huge prick in my mouth. i was used as a slave and when he was done with me he just left. we often fuck now and he still ties me up. he had a few of his friends have taken the tieing up part for their advantage.

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