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My first Fuck!!!!

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: On the beah (Gold Coast)
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

Me and my perants went up to the beach for a few weeks
to visit my uncle and antie, for christmas. We had a beach sde christmas day and my antie’s best freind’s daughter was their and decided to teach me how to surf. After lunch we finished lunch we walked to the beach watching her arse and nice tits all the way. Seening her strip down to her board shorts and her bikini top was a total turn on, she bent down to pick up her board i noticed she wasn’t wearing any underwaer. We surfed for about an hour, we decieded to head back to her house as it was getting dark. When we got back no one was home. She said she was just going up stairs to get changed. A few minutes later i decieded to go up stairs and see where she was. I noticed the water was running so i went and had look and she was standing there naked having a shower. I had a good look and then she caught me, so i ran and sat in the dinning room. After a few minutes she came out and ask me to go with her, she was still a bit wet and only had a towel rapped around her. We went into her parents bedroom and she undressed me and started sucking on the hard cock after a few minutes she stoped, so i undressed her then she put me on her parents bed and started ridding me and a while i went down on her and started sucking her out. Then we just laded side by side with my finger up her cum filled cunt. After a few mintes we dicieded to get dressed and then just wacthed T.V. That was both our first time.

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