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My fabulous first

Where it happened: In his bed
Langauge: English
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I have been masturbating for about s and have been doing it more and more frequently because I love the feeling of it. I often do it three times a day. Lately I have felt like I have wanted to have sex for the first time and at a party a few weeks ago I decided I would with a guy I had met there. I had been drinking a bit and wasn’t drunk but pretty happy and when I told Mike, he could sleep with me. He said not if you have been drinking, I don’t want to wake up tomorrow and be told I raped you.

I was really disappointed, as I had made up my mind to do it.

The next week he rang me and asked me to the movies. On the way home I told him the offer still stood and he said he would think about it. I got angry with him and said did he or didn’t he want to sleep with me, it took a lot of courage for me to ask him, and this was the time he has disappointed me

Well he said that if I really wanted to that badly he would. He explained he had had a bad experience once before when the girl agreed to have sex with him and afterwards claimed she was forced into it. We went back to his place because they have a sleep-out behind the house and we could be comfortable in there. I have never enjoyed myself so much in one night ever before. We started off with the kissing and undressing each other bit by bit, and gradually worked up to when we were both naked I lay on the bed and he got on top of me. My wetness was running down my legs I was so worked up.

He got himself ready and I wanted to have a good look and feel of his cock seeing it was going to be the first one to go into me. I was fascinated with the top of it as it had a funny shape like a helmet and he had a ring of skin around it which was different to the rest of it. He said he had been circumcised as a baby. I understood that as I have seen boys cocks before and know the difference between circumcised and uncircumcised ones. He was really hard and I like the feel of his skin, I thought it looked beautiful. He liked me feeling him and told me it was the first time a girl has really wanted feel and look at his cock. He told me he has slept with three other girls before me. Then he used his fingers to open me and look and feel my lips and stuff and said he hadn’t ever had a good look at a cunt before and he asked me a bit about what the parts of it were called. Then he did something funny. He got a comb and combed my pubic hair until it was almost straight. After a couple of minutes we were ready and I watched as he put the top of his cock against my cunt lips and began to push it in. As it went in I could feel my hole sort of stretching a bit. It wasn’t hurting but I could feel it was tight. Once he had his cock head inside me I could feel him pushing harder to get it further in, and I said is it all right and he said I was a bit tight but it was all right because I was so wet. Then it went up inside me with a rush and it took my breath away, and I gave a little sort of grunt or groan. It felt really big inside me. It wasn’t hurting but there was a feeling of tightness and I was a little bit uncomfortable with him beginning to move up and down in me. Then he said relax, you are all tensed up. I tried to relax but I was having my first fuck and he had gone in so quickly and I didn’t know what I was supposed to feel. Then it dawned on me, I had a man inside me for the first time. It felt so much better than masturbating. He had complete control of me and I suddenly felt its over, my virginity is gone. I have done it. It was only then I relaxed and began to really enjoy what he was doing to me. He was talking to me and telling me how good it felt inside me, and I asked him what I had to do. He said relax and enjoy it. Well I was having such a nice time I just laid there and let him do it to me and he began to kiss and fondle my breasts while he was fucking me and I thought I was in heaven. Every nerve in my body was tingling and I could feel so much pleasure around my cunt while he was fucking me, this was so much better than masturbating. He began to move the top of his cock about near my opening and it touched my clit and I gasped, as it was so sensitive. The feeling of him moving his cock around down there was exquisite. Then I asked him to move and rub his cock around and put the head of it in the places that made me feel really great. I was loving what he was doing and that made me feel really good. My nipples were so hard and sensitive like my clitoris, they were extremely sensitive and when he kissed my nipples I nearly came. We had been going for over five minutes and I was really beginning to get to like it, but I was beginning to get excited and said I think I was going to have an orgasm. He said that’s great and we might have it together because he was getting worked up himself so he began going faster up and down on me and I reached climax really quickly and I came for the first time with him inside me. I have had great orgasms when I masturbated but this was unbelievable and I moaned and groaned as he kept going on me, I was hoping it would never stop. It was so different to when I masturbated because I always stopped when I had come, but he just kept doing it and I was out of control. Just as I was getting over the fantastic sensation he began grunting like I had just done when I came, and then he came inside me and I thought I could feel him spurting his cum into me. Then I realised and said what happens if I get pregnant? We hadn’t thought of it up till now and he said it would be all right. I said I hoped so. He took it out and it was covered in a mixture of my wetness and his cum. Then I realised I had just had my first fuck. I could not remember enjoying anything like it before it was fantastic. I just lay there and let the thought of what had happened to me just sink in. My cunt felt wonderful, it was better than I had ever imagined or heard girls talk about. Some said it hurt and others said it didn’t. As for me it was a bit uncomfortable at first but it didn’t hurt and I didn’t bleed. After I got used to the feeling and realised how good it was I don’t think I could have asked for anything better than that. My cunt was all covered in my juice and his cum and it was starting to leak out of me onto the bed sheet. I asked him if he enjoyed it and he said it was the best fuck he has ever had. I asked him how many times he had done it before and he said about nine times and I knew he had done it with three different girls. I asked him how long it would be before we could do it to me again and he said if I wanted to, he could do it again right then. He wiped himself and then got himself hard and he I lay back and let him do it to me all over again. This time I wasn’t so tense when it went in and I started to really enjoy him doing me right from the beginning. It was the most wonderful feeling I could have ever imagined and this time I we went for nearly 20 minutes before either of us felt like we wanted to cum. It made us sweat and we were both soaking wet. Like before I got to my climax just before him and he did everything he could to make sure I really enjoyed myself and he made it last much longer this time. It took me almost a minute for the feeling to start and wear off. Then he wanted to cum and he really got worked up and I could feel my orgasm coming back and by the time he came into me again I was having another orgasm and we virtually came together.
I had been fucked twice and had three orgasms. I said I didn’t think you could have two orgasms and he said girls can but it is hard for boys to do it. This was a much better feeling than I have ever had when I masturbated. This was the real thing and it was a guy I liked giving me the pleasure.

I went home that night with his cum running down my legs as I didn’t wear my pants after he had done it to me. I wanted to feel the cool night air on myself under my skirt.

I went to bed naked and lay awake for ages remembering all the things we did and how great it felt. I could have kept going for hours if he could have. His cum kept leaking out of me and I loved the feeling and the smell.

The next morning when I woke up I was covered in his cum and my juice. It was all dry and scaly on my skin and in my hair. The sheets were covered in it, and I would have to wash them before my mother saw them. I knew he and I were going to be doing it a lot more than he had done it before. My only concern now was that he hadn’t made me pregnant. I would find out about the contraceptive pill from a couple of girls I know use them and get myself started before I let him cum inside me again.

I didn’t get pregnant the first time and I am now on the pill and we are fucking each other a couple of times a week. We try different positions and I love it when I am on top and when he does it to me from behind. I am really glad I waited until I knew what I was doing and I picked the right guy to do it with. He really respects me and calls it making love not fucking.

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