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my dream girl

Age when it happend: 14
Where it happened: b-day party
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 6
Category: Straight

it all started when i started to be attracted to my sister’s friend’s sister. lets caller her “A”. it was the beginning of the summer, i had a crush on her the moment i laid eyes on her. she had light blonde hair about mid-back length. very skinny, no ass at all. her tits weren’t huge, in fact, not big at all, about size a, b at the most. anyway. she is 6 months older than me, but i look older than her and she is very cute. every day she would come over to my house and we would either go out on my boat (with my annoying sister) (i would have prefered it to be just us) or we would go to a movie or something. well about after a half a year, school had started, and she started liking other people. we were both invited to a friends birthday party, an overnight party at a hotel. when we got there, we all went into the pool. once she saw me without a shirt, i was the main thing on her mind. we started talking in the hot tub, and all of a sudden, she starts kissing me deeeply. so i start to kiss back. the bulge in my suit is now immense. and i know she could feel it. we both got out of the hot tub and went upstairs. in the elevator, i hit the stop button and we started making out (noone else was in the elevator) we were frenching at petting and things were getting pretty hot. i took off her top and slowly licked each of her nipples, making her moan with pleasure. then i took off her bikini bottom with my teeth and smelled her sweet virgin twat. slowly i licked all around her love cannal, purposly teasing her clit. by now she was on the verge of cunning when she lifted my head up and frenched me passionately, tasting her own juices . then the stripped me naked nd gave me the bj of my life. when i was about to blow it, i told her to stop, and i slammed it into her. she let out a scream as i dug into her, at first she cried a little, so i went slower, but then she started getting into it, and started grinding with me. and i blew it inside of her, i used protection so as not to get her pregnant.

when we got up to our room, she took a shower and cleaned off, then we made out again. we are still going out and love each other very much.

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