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My Cowboy

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I was helping out on my aunt and uncle’s farm, just like I did every year. It was harvest time and most of my cousins were out showing cattle around the country (they have a very big cattle ranch). Anyway, my cousin, Mike’s best friend, Jamie, came out to help. Jamie hadn’t seen me in a couple of years, since I , actually, and in between 12 and 17, I’d lost the baby fat and developed some Marilyn Monroe curves. I hadn’t exactly planned on doing anything except cooking out on the farm that day, as I was supposed to be back in the city early that evening to celebrate the school’s football championship with some friends; I was a cheerleader. Anyway, I was wearing a mini-tee shirt, as was the style at that time and a pair of old, worn out jeans. We worked for a couple of hours, when my cousin, Mike, needed to leave to start bailing some of the hay. Jamie and I decided to continue working. We started to chat a bit as we worked and he told me how much I’d changed in the past years. As we were walking towards the horses, we had to cross a barbed-wire fence and my little baby-tee got stuck on one of the wires. It was poorly made and as I unsnagged it, some of the thread began to unravel. It ended up that my shirt had a hole in it right over my breast. Jamie leaned over and tried to help me, but only made the situation worse by making the hole bigger. My lacy bra was see-through with all the sweat and I’d been staring at Jamie’s very nice ass all day, so the next part was inevitable. I remember us looking at each other and we both nodded and headed for the old pump house that wasn’t used any longer. He began to kiss me, his tongue thrusting in and out of my mouth. I’d made out for sure, but hadn’t gotten any farther than that. He tore off my shirt and began to lick my breasts through the material of my bra. I moaned and fumbled with his pants in return. I wanted to see his bulge so badly. We fell into a pile of old rags that my uncle kept in there. I grabbed his cock and he literally jacknifed. It was so big and long, pulsing. He grinned at me and his fingers trailed down to my wet cunt. He began to stroke my clit and I arched and moaned against him, begging him to put his dick in me. He slid in and ‘popped my cherry’. He didn’t realize I was a virgin. He immediately stopped and was going to pull out forever, until I asked him to continue. He pumped into me for at least ten minutes and I had two orgasms with him in me. I remember my screams of pleasure echoing in the empty pump house. He spilled in me and shouted so loud at his own orgasm in the end that I climaxed again at the end with him. It was amazing. I kissed him and we continued to play around a bit until we noticed it was dark. He gave me his shirt and we made up a lame story to my aunt about getting caught in the barbed wire. Neither of us cared though. We set out early in the morning to complete some chores and ended up fucking three more times on the way home. She seemed to believe us but when we were married a couple months ago, she declared that she’d known something was up all along!

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