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My Cousins Wedding

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: Hotel
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

Ok here it goes…. It was in August of 97.My cousin was getting married, she was the bride by the way. Well the wedding was going to be held at some church and the reception was going to be held at a hotel. Anyways it just so happened that we were going to stay at that hotel for a couple of nights. The night before I helped to set up the banquet hall and all the tables and balloons blah blah etc.Well that night as i got on the elevator there was this gorgeous guy in there. Even though he was like in his 30’s or 40’s he was soooo good looking. Well as i walked in i said a kind hello.We exchanged small talk and i was sooooo nervous.Well anyways he told me how he was from out of town and was here on business. i told him why i was here.Then there was silence for what seemed like an eternity but was like only 30 seconds.he mentions how pretty and lovely i looked, i said thanks. then his floor came, he said good night and left. Suddenly i look at my self in the mirror, im sweating like a hog, i was sooooooo nervous, ive never felt this was about a guy. Anyways that night as i went to sleep i fingered myself and fantasized what it would be like to make love to him. Then the wedding ceremony passed then soon the reception was over, i did have a couple of glasses of champagne. it was about 1AM and i told my mom i was going up to my room, apparently she was to drunk to care. i went to the lobby elevator and waited, when who do you think shows up. his names Brian by the way. we both stood there. he said i looked sexy tonight. iwas wearing a white top with a white skirt,simple but sexy. we started a conversation about honeymoons as we entered the elevator. Well one thing led to another and he made a move and caressed my face and he said how he was dreaming about me all last night. then i felt a hand caresss my leg, he bent down to kiss me. I was saying no this isnt right but it felt so good. his floor came up and he grabbed my hand and led me to his room, all this time im worrying whether i should go through with it. we got in his room and he began to kiss my neck while undoing my top.he then asked me if i wanted him to stop i said no.He continued to kiss me all over. My boobs were exposed and he started sucking on my nipples and cupping them.Thats when i just exploded i got into it, i started to undress his pants.before u knewit we were both naked. He said hed be gentle,he started to finger fuck me, i was already dripping wet from his touch, then he toungue fucked me, oooh god it felt great i kept moaning and telling him to fuck me fuck me.just then he took out his love meat and inserted into my wet pussy slowly. then an enormous pain ran through my body, but it soon passed and all of a sudden i could feel him thrust and pump in my pusssy, he kept going so fast i thought i was going to explode, just then i felt my self overcome with orgasm, after 20 minutes of fucking he entered me from behind which HURT like a bicth ,Any ways he came and squirted his load onmy face and tits, he told me to lick it clean and i did, we fucked 4 more times until i passed out, the next thing i knew it was 6 in the morning and i woke up realizing what i had done i got dressed and went to my room.i felt so ashamed, i felt like i was some knda slut or whore. That afternoon as we checked out of the hotel i saw him in the lobby, we both exchanged smiles and i never saw him again. and thats my story

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