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my cherry poppin’daddy

Age when it happend: 15
Where it happened: my bf's bedroom
Langauge: English
Sex: Female
Rating: 4
Category: Straight

it all started in 9th grade, me n my boyfriend were going out for 10 months at the time. we were in his bedroom messing around like we usually do n he asked me if i was ready bc i always told him i loved him n i thought i was ready i just wanted to be sure. so we started making out and then i starte to tease him and go a little lower i gave him a bj. n then he ate me out n i told him. i think i am ready we didnt have any condoms at the time which scared me a little but i trusted him. b4 he stuck it in me he asked if i was sure i was ready and i said yes. so he put me on my back n told me to relax he stuck his hard dick in me very slow it hurt so bad bc i was so tight but it felt good , he slowly stuck it in me little by little and thrusting. it felt so good when it was all the way in he started to go a little faster n i was moaning. i was squezzing his dick with my pussy lips bc i was getting ready to bust. he told me that it felt so good n it made him bust we both had our first orgasims and it will be something i remeber forever. me n him are now broken up but we are still the best of friends. and have sex once ina while .. u know who u are babay i love you so much.!

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