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My Brother’s Gift

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: my room
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

Our family spent our summers at a beach house far from our home. My parents were out and I was watching TV in my room. My 15 year old brother and his girlfriend from the neighborhood were having sex in his room downstairs. My brother and I talked about sex alot and he knew I had never gotten very far. We were very close and he still is my best friend.

While I was lying on my bed watching TV, his girlfriend Michelle walked into my room. She turned off the TV and said she wanted to talk to me. She and my brother had been talking and decided that it was time for me to lose my virginity. She told me that my brother asked if she would do that favor for me and she agreed since they were only together for the summers and not really steady boyfriend and girlfriend. She told me she always liked me and thought I had a nice body. I was big for 13 and did a lot of swimming and had started to work out.

I was only wearing gym shorts and my six inches was bulging. She saw it and said it looked like I was ready. She pulled off her t-shirt and I was staring at her beautiful bare breasts. She then got on to the bed with me and pulled off my shorts. I was finally naked with a girl! She went down on me and started licking and sucking my dick. She ran her fingers across my chest and down my legs. I reached down and started playing with her tits. I felt my whole body tense up and then shot my load of cum into her mouth. She licked by dick clean and then pulled my chest up to her breasts and began to french kiss me. I tasted my own cum and then I told her I wanted to taste hers. She slid out of her shorts and I put my face between her legs. My tongue made it into her pussy and she was already wet. She started breathing heavily and told me not to stop. I tasted her juices and enjoyed her moans. I then went up to her tits and sucked each one. By now I was rock hard again. She took my dick in her hand and guided it into her glory hole. I started to pump and couldn’t believe how good it felt. I looked over to the mirror next to my bed and saw myself fucking. This really turned me on. She grabbed my ass and pushed me even harder into her. She was scratching my back while at the same time she was licking my nipples. She locked her legs around me which made her even tighter. We were really rocking the bed when I knew my time had come. We were both shaking and moaning as I shot my load into her wonderful pussy. I then put my arms around her and kissed her for all she was worth. She told me I was as good as my brother. After one more awesome fuck we both went downstairs and thanked my brother.

Two years ago we moved year round to the beach house. My brother stayed in our old town to finish high school. Michelle and I are still together and we are enjoying a great and active sex life. She was my first, my only and my best. I hope we’re together forever. She’s sitting with me as I write this. I know what we’re going to do when I finish.

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