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my brothers best friend

Where it happened: at my house
Langauge: English
Rating: 1
Category: Straight

K, so when my brother graduated from highschool, we had a party like 3 days after it, and he like invited ALL of his hott guy friends to come, and I just had my best friend over. So we were outside drinking, when like 15 hott ass guys walk outside to get something to eat. And well there was this HOTT guy named jeremy, who was like staring at me, and like flirting with me the entire time. And we like hung out the entire party. Well like 2 or 3 hours into the party, everyone was like wasted, and like doing just whatever. So jeremy and i were like makeing out on our couch, and he like had his hands all over me, and like under my skirt and everything. So like about 20 min after makeing out, i stood up, took his hand and like took him up to my room. When we go in there, i locked the door, and he laid me down onto my bed, and slowly started to take off my clothes. once he got my shirt and bra off, he was like rubbing, and sucking my tits, then he movied down lower licking my stomach, and un buttoned my skirt, and started takeing off my thong. once my skirt, and thong was off, he like started to eat me out… and OMG!!!!! if felt SOOO good. i started moaning and screaming, and like after 10 minutes of that i already orgasmed like 2 times. after he ate me out, i started takeing all of his clothes off, and once i got down to his boxers i pulled them off, and started giving him head. he immediatly blew his load all into my mouth like a couple minutes a started, and i swallowed it all. after like makeing out, and him eating me out, adn me giving him head, he turned me over on my back, got ontop of me, and jammed his 7 1/2 inch cock right into me, and started pumping me as hard as he could. it was the first time id had sex, so it hurt really really bad. tears came to my eyes, and like i was screaming, but he didnt stop, he kept pumping me, but then it started to feel really good. so about after 2 hours of fucking ,we were all out of gas and stopped. we’ve been going out like ever since, and we have sex like that bout every day. its great

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