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My brain said no, but my dick said yes . . . and guess who won!

Age when it happend: exactly one month ago
Where it happened: home
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 10
Category: Straight

My name is Joe and I’ve been wanting to write about My First Time, which happened exactly one month ago today! It was truly a wonderful and unforgetable experience . . . and yet . . . But first let me tell you just a little about myself. I need to do this, so you can understand my “problem.” I am going to be 15 very soon, and I live with my Dad and Stepmother, Step-sister, and 3 older brothers: John, who is 22 and just graduated from college last May (actually, he doesn’t really live at home anymore, as he took a job in Chicago right after graduation); my brother Jerry, who’s almost 20 and is a junior at a large university about 80 miles from here (he is home only during vacations and an occasional weekend); and my brother Jimmy (I guess you see the pattern with our fist names), who is 17 and a senior in high school this year. When we were little, people used to call us the four “J” brothers. We have always gotten along pretty well — especially Jimmy and me — even when Mom and Dad split. It happened a little over 5 years ago. I learned afterwards that Dad had come hone early one spring afternoon and caught Mom in bed with another guy. Dad just couldn’t handle it, and finally, after many weeks of arguing and fightin, he told Mom to move out. The divorce wias bitter and so was the custody battle, which Dad obviously won (all 4 of us boys really wanted to stay with him anyway), but Mom got bimonthly visitation rights. She moved to another town about an hour’s drive from here. I always looked foward to my visits with her, especially after she threw out the guy Dad had caught in bed with her. I never liked him! But my oldest brother John refused to visit Mom. Fortunately, at least for John, she never pressed the issue. Anyway, the rest of us all seemed to handle the split ok — except for Dad. He was so sad and moody all the time after Mom left. He was never mean or angry with us, and we loved him dearly (still do), but felt so sorry for him because we could tell he was so broken up.

The summer following the divorce (I was now 11), Dad decided to go to his 25th high school class reunion. While he was there he met an old flame that he used to go with in high school. Her name was Linda, and I guess the sparks really flew when they got reacquainted. Linda was also divorced and had a daught who is just 6 weeks old than me. Her name is Nancy, and I’ll never forget the first time I met them both. Linda was very nice and very pretty, I though. And Nancy looked a lot like her Mother! Anyway, is less than a year, Dad and Linda decided to get married! The four of us boys all stood up with him at the wedding, and Nancy stood up with her mother. It was kind of neat. Not that I looked foward to sharing our house with two females! As cute as Nancy was, she was still a GIRL, and a 12 year-old girl at that! And as a 12 year old boy, I was less than thrilled! First, she had to be given a room of her own. That meant some serious shifting around, since we only lived in a 3 bedroom house. But Dad fixed up the reck room downstairs for John (the oldest) and gave Nancy John’s old room. Jerry (next oldest) was also given his own room, but Jimmy and I continued to share a bedroom. As time went on, first John left, and the Jerry, and it definitely became less crowded. Still, for no reason I know of, Jimmy and I continued to bunk in the same room. I don’t mind, really. He’s the brother closest to my age, and we do get along very well! And Nancy, to be honest, has grown into a great step-sister. Since she and I are nearly the same age and are both in the 10th grade, we share a great deal. We both play in the band. We both take many of the same classes. We both make very good grades. And Nancy continues to grow prettier and prettier. So while I haven’t yet admitted this to anyone (especially to Mom), I finally decided that I was really happy that Dad married Linda and that Linda had such a neat daughter!

Now, to My First Time! I’m sorry for taking so long to get to the point, but it is important to know about how this all happeneed.

It was one month ago, the first full weekend in August, when Dad and Linda had to leave town. Linda’s parents (Nancy’s grandparents) were ill, and Linda had to go see about them. They lived a couple of hundred miles from us, and Linda wanted Dad to go with her. No big deal, really. Even though John was in Chicago working and Jerry was off on a camping trip, Jimmy was 17, had his own car, and was plenty old enough to take care of things. Nancy and I were both 15, or close enough, so like I said, no big deal. The Saturday morning they were to leave, Dad went over our “instructions” one more time. Nancy and I were to stay home that evening, but we could each invite a couple of friends over if we wanted to. Jimmy could go out (he was dating pretty regularly one great looking senior — HOT would really not be an exageration — by the name of Melissa), but he was to be home by midnight, and if Nancy and I had friends over, they had to leave when Jimmy got home. Nancy had been dating some clown by the name of Roger, also in the 10th grade, and I had been going out (nothing serious) with a 9th grader by the name of Sue. Actually I had taken her to the movies a few times during the summer, where I managed to feel a little tit trough two layers of cloth — her blouse and bra! Also, I finally got her to rub my dick a little through my jenas, but that was absolutely as far as my love life had taken me thus far. That is, except for my own hand, of course. Two or three years ago (right about the time Nancy and Linda had moved in, I think), I almost walked in on Jimmy in our bedroom as he was lying on his bed hackin his pork. The door was open just enough for me to see clearly what Jimmy was doing from the hall, so I stopped outside the door and watched, fascinated by the way he was pumping his dick up and down. All of a sudden he shot up a liquid something — I knew it wasn’t piss and learned later, of coruse, it was cum! I tiptoed back across the hall into the bathroom, locked the door, dropped my pants, and started to pum me dick like Jimmy had been pumping his. I hand’t yet reached a climax or nutted cum, but I was begining to get erections and “strange feelings” around my crotch. I learned by watching and copying Jimmy that jacking off really felt good and relieved those “strange feelings” — especially a little later, when I did begin to shoot cum! When that started, I began to jack off as often as I could find a private place to do it. As I said, jacking off not only relieved tensions (like getting a hard on in front of your friends). It felt damn good!

Anyway, back to the morning Dad and Linda left. Dad had given us our instructions and told us they’d be back the next evening (Sunday) sometime after dark. Since we were all pretty good kids, there was no reason for him (or us) to believe we would have any problems. After Dad and Linda left, Jimmy took off for points unknown and, believe it or not, I had to go to the high school for football practice. It was the very first all-day practice of the summer (why they had it on Saturday, I’ll never know). I had played freshman football lst year, had “beefed” up a little over the summer, and expected to make jv this year. Nancy did her own thing, and when I came home after practice late that afternoon, she was catching some rays on the deck in back of our house. She was in her bathing suit (ok, it was a bikini) and she looked absolutely great. I grabbed a coke and thought I’d shoot some hoop in the driveway. “How about a litt one-on-one?” she asked, as she picked up her sneakers and started to put them on.

“Sure,” I said, and removed my shirt and picked up the ball a took a long shot. Then I asked, “Is you friend “ROGER” coming over this evening?” She could tell by the tone of my voice I didn’t much care for Roger. I don’t know why, reall. He seemed to be a nice enough guy, but I just didn’t think he was Nancy’s “type.”

“He was coming over,” said Nancy,”but he just called an hour ago and said he couldn’t make it after all. He had to go comeplane with his folks. What about your firend Sue? Will she be gracing us with her presence tonight?”

I’m not sure Nancy thought any more of Sue than I did of Roger, but I let it pass. “I asked Sue,” I said, “but she was already busy. Some sort of family thing.”

“Then we’re all by ourselves, I guess,” said Nancy. “Jimmy has a date with you-know-who,” (I did know who — her name was Melissa and she had a great set of boobs, I though to myself), “and he won’t be home until midnight,” added Nancy. Now I really didn’t even stop to think about the possibilities of being home alone for an evening with my beautiful step-sister. First, she WAS my step-sister and not my girlfriend. But before I could explore that though any further, we got into our one-on-one game pretty heavy.

I have to say that as small as Nacy is (probably no more the 5′ 1″ and 110 lbs.) she is also athletic and very competitive. One-on-one is a contact sport with you play it with her. And I suddenly became aware of the contact — the brushes against her lovely, newly developed breasts (remember that she was wearing a bikini), her brushes against my crotch, gentle but exciting. So much so, that when we finished the first game, I was starting to get a boner. The last thing I wanted to do was embarrass myself in front of my lovely step-sister. So I told her I had to go up to the basthroom and excused myself, grabbed my shirt and headed inside. But I didn’t go to the bathroom. Instead I went into my bedroom and shut the door (it didn’t have a lock). I kicked off my sneakers, threw my sirt on a pile of dirty laundry in the corner, pulled out one of Jimmy’s Penthouse magazines “hidden” under his bed, dropped my shorts and boxers, plopped down on my bed comfortable naked, and turned to the “Penthouse Letters.” I was already pretty hard as I began stroking my dick, but the first letter didn’t do much to bring me up, so I dropped the magazine by my side and began concentrating on spanking my monkey. I was just getting into it and knew I’d be cumming shortly, when I heard a knock at the door and Nancy say, “JOE?” as the door began to open.

Yikes! I grabbed the only thing close enough to grab — the Penthouse magazine — and covered my pubes and dick, which itself was reacting to the interruption by beginning to lose its size. When Nancy stepped into the room, I was covered (barely), and I was mortified (greatly). I couldn’t even speak, I was so embarrassed. Nancy had to be one surprised girl, or at least so I thought. But instead of yelling and running out of the room (as I look back and think about it now, it might have been better if she had), she stepped up to the bed and calmly said, “I see you found one of Jimmy’s Penthouses.”

Well, that certainly surprised ME! But was she said next surprised me even more! “Shame on you for getting yourself all hard and then having to jack off! Or were you already hard when you came up here? I’ll bet I had something to do with this,” she giggled as she stepped even closer to the bed. My reaction continued to be one of surprise and embarrassment. Finally, I managed to speak. “how did you know about Jimmy’s Penthouses?” I asked. “And what do you know about jacking off?”

Then reality began to sink in. Here I was, lying on my bed buck naked, with only a sexy magazine to hide my dick and balls, talking to my pretty step-sister who was standing next to me bed dressed in a bikini! I could not believe it! “Hey,” she said, “don’t think you guys have cornered the masterbation market! I have discovered the plesures of jerking off myself!”

By this time my dick had reversed its downward trend and had jumped back on the up escalator. And it must have been obvious to Nancy, because she reached down and lifted the magazine off my crotch (I made only a feeble attempt to stop her), revealing to her a first look at my semi-hard dick and balls, surround by lots of dark pubic hair. Then she hopped up on the bed and literally knelt over my fst-rising cock. “I knew you’d be bigger than Roger,” she said.

I can’t explain why, maybe it was because I was beginning to have trouble breathing, but the only thing I managed to say was, “My God, Nancy, have you fucked Roger?”

“Of course not,” she whispered, as she gently began to run her fingers through my pubic patch, kiss my dick and caress my balls. The wonderful feeling I began to experience from this completely drove all other questions and doubts from my mind. Then Nancy began to suck my will in earnest. “My God,” I thought, “this is so much better than jacking off!” I started moaning and groaning in ecstasy when, much too soon, I thought, I knew I was about to cum. It started in my balls, and then time did seem to slow down. It was like I was in slow motion. I felt my cum begin to work its way up as Nancy was lick and tonguing my shaft for all it was worth. “She might not have fucked Roger,” I remember thinking, “but I’ll bet she’s sucked his cock! God, she’s good!” Then, I just had to shout it to the world: “I’M CUMMING,” I yelled, as the first jets of jisim squirted up and out of my dick. Nancy was caught off guard, I guess, because she immediately pulled her head back. But I kept on cumming . . . and cumming . . . and cumming! I had never shot a load like that! Nancy had cum all over her chest and face, with some even dripping out of her mouth. I had cum all over my stomach and chest. And the bedspread had cum all over it! I was in cum heaven!

Then Nancy hopped off the bed, and after wiping my cum off her chest, she began to undo her bikini strings as she asked, “Have you fucked Sue?”

“Sue?” I said, still breathing heavily from my orgasm. “You must be kidding! I haven’t even seen Sue naked or any part of her naked, much less screw her!” Then I asked Nancy, “Have you seen Roger naked?”

“Well, most of him, at least the important parts,” she admitted as her bikini fell to the floor. But then she put her hands over her tits and naked twat, temporarily hiding them from my view, as she said, “Let’s not talke about Roger. If you haven’t even seen Sue, maybe that means you don’t want to see me, either!”

I knew she was just taunting me. But my brain was also telling me that it is WRONG to fuck around with your step-sister — even if she is your very pretty step-sister. My brain was trying to tell my mouth to say to Nancy, “Yes, we should both stop now and put our clothes back on. We’ve gone too far as it is.” But I was no longer thinking with my brain. My dick (which had not really gone down much after Nancy’s fantastic lowjob — I believe the sex books would have called it “semi-erect”), my dick had taken over and was not about to let my brain talk me out of anything. I stood up and faced my sweet step-sister, and with my cum still dripping off my ever-hardenting prick, slowly reached out to touch, for the first time, one of her beautiful boobs. There we were — both naked, standing directly in front of each other and admiring everything we were seeing.

“My God but you are beautiful!” I said. Here I was, touching my first set of BARE boobs. Here I was, looking at a girl’s pussy for the first time. Both pussy and boobs were beautiful. She was beautiful. I couldn’t believe it! “So are you,” Nancy replied, as she placed her hands on my chest. “That’s why I’m still a virgin. I was saving myself for you.” Then we stepped even closer to each other, and for the first time we kissed on another in a romantic and sixual way. I cannot describe my feelings at that moment. The head of my dick was brushing solftly against her ample pussy hair, a dark triangle of black hair that hid her cunt lips from view. An Nancy’s tongue had entered my mough, wrapping itself around my tongue as we tasted each other for the first time. And her breasts — her nipples — were rubbing against my chest. The feeling was indescribable. And both of us sort of froze the moment in time. We stood there enjoying our first look, our first touches, and our first tastes of each other’s bodies for what seemed like several hours instead of minutes. Then, somehow my brain did force its way into my mouth, if only for a few seconds: “My God,” I said. “I have no protection — no condoms! We can’t do this,” I said, knowing deep down that I probably couldn’t stop now no matter what my brain said. Nancy smiled and looked into my face. “Don’t worry,” she said. “I’m on the pill. I have been for over a year. Mom put me on it because I was having a little trouble with my periods. She also told me that just because I was on the pill didn’t mean I was free to screw around. But she said that she sure as hell didn’t want me to get pregnant when I finally did have sex. Like I said, I was waiting for you. We are both gonna lost our cherries, today! It will be safe! And it will be fantastic!” By this time my dick was back at full attention and ready for action!

We hopped back on my bed, and I began by licking and sucking on her beautiful tits. They weren’t huge, but they were a mouthful! And as I sucked and licked, I could feel her nipples become hard and erect. Meanwhile, my hand was exploring her cunt. I began to rub her pussy hair until I felt an opening into those cunt lips. She was beginning to get wet and that only encouraged me to continue probing. First one finger, then two. Nancy was obviously enjoying it, but after a long period of head breathing and moaning, she whispered in my ear, “You remember what I did for you when I came in?”

“Of course,” I replied.

“I want you to do that for me,” she said. “Glad to oblige,” I said as I crawled around her body and up between her legs. She spread them as i moved slowly up to her pussy to get my first, close-up view. I bent over and sniffed those gorgeous pussy lips with my nose. I don’t know if I’m some kind of weirdo, but Nancy’s pussy smelled delicious. Then I began to kiss her pubic area — all around — and slowly concentrated on the slit. I began to stick my tongue in between those pussy lips, much like Nancy had stuck her tongue in between my lips just a little bit earlier. And as my tongue slid into pussy heaven, Nancy moaned loudly, and I began to taste her fluids. God, what a feeling! I really started getting into it as Nancy began to actually buck and jump and moan. I don’t know know how long we kept this up — me kissing and suck, her bucking and moaning, but all of a sudden Nancy screamed out what I had earlier yelled: “I’M CUNNING!” But I did NOT pull my head back. I kept on licking, and it’s a wonder that I didn’t drown. She didn’t spurt out cum like I do, but she certainly made things wet. It was such a turn-on. Finally, I slowly lifted my head above her we and dripping cunt, licked my lips as her tasty juices trickled down my chin, looked over her pretty pussy and bettween her gorgeous tits at her smiling fact, and asked, “Are you ready?”

“OH, yes, Joe,” she answered. “I’ve been ready a long time!”

Once more my brain crpet in and I heard myself saying to Nancy, “I’ve heard this can hurt you, and the last thing in the world I want to do is hurt you! Are you absolutely sure you want to do this, and this it is safe to do it?”

With than, Nancy only smiled, reached down for my now rock hard dick and guided it to the entrance of her wet and waiting pussy. “Just take it slow and easy,” she said, “and everying will be ok.” Then, she carefully began to insert my dick inside her. God, what a feeling. If I thought getting a blowjob beat the hell out of jacking off, and it did, this made getting a blowjob seem like a wet dream! My prick was being enveloped for the First Time by a warm and moist pussy. The feeling from that is impossible for my to describe! Then, as I got about half of my dick inside her, I noticed that she made a face and jerked a little. “What’s the matter?” I asked. “Am I hurting you?” “You’ve reached my hymen,” she said. “You’re going to have to pop my cherry.” I pushed. She growned, but this time NOT in pleasure! I pulled back and then slowly pushed foward again. She moaned in pain and I pulled back again. We repeated this a few more times, and finally I said, “I don’t think I can do this. I cannot hurt you.” Then, with my dick still halfway inside her, Nancy reached behind me, told me to lift up a bit, put her hands on both cheeks of my ass, and pushed me foward as hard as she could. Bingo! I was all the way in! But Nancy let out a yell that almost scared me right back out. We both just froze for a minute and siad and did nothing.

I could feel her joices flowing (or so I thought), and her pain seemed to be going away. Then I concentrated on my pubes. I could feel my balls touching her ass. I could feel my pubic hair scratching as her pussy hair. And best of all, I could feel my prick completely surounded by her pussy. The head of my dick was actually touching the back of her vagina. It was all such a turn-on that I couldn’t help mustlf. I began to pump my dick in and out — slowly at first. Very slowly, because the feelings were so intense and because I really didn’t was to hurt Nancy again. I would pull out about half way and slowly push back in to the limit. Pull out, push in, pull out, push in. Nancy had begun to relax a little and aseemed to have fallen into the rhythm herself. She was moving with me and flexing some muscles I didn’t even think she had, as the the tempo began to pick up. Pull out, push in, pull out, push in. My God, I though, if this is how it is to fuck a girl, plese, Lord, nvever let it end! Pull out, push in, pull out, push in. Faster and harder, now. Faster and harder. We began to really pick up the tempo. It was the most magnificent feeling in the world. Then I began to realize it could not go on forever. I could feel my cum begining to build up in my balls. And as much as I wanted it NOT TO END, I just kept going faster and harder, faster and harder. Nancy was really getting into it now and was back to moaning and groaning in obvious pleasurer, which only made me go faster and harder, faster and harder. I could feel my ball tighten, and then it happened. For the seond time since Nancy had walked into my room, I felt my cum shoot up through my dick, this time splashing into Nancy’s warm and wonderful pussy. God what a feeling! And just when I thought it was about to end, Nancy began screaming and wrapped legs around me, which just made me keep pushing in and pulling out, in and out, in and out. My prick seemed to stay hard forever, as it kept moving in and out, in and out, giving and receiving such pleasure! But finally, when it had nothing left to give and when Nancy stopped moaning and relaxed her legs, I felt my dick begin its journey downward. We kissed for several minutes, and then I just collapsed on top of Nancy, as I felt my dick slowly oozing its way out of its happy home (and oozing is exactly the word!). I could still feel Nancy’s wonderful breasts under my chest as I rested my head on her shoulder. We remained like that, in perfect bliss until finally, after a very long while, Nancy leaned over and whispered something in my ear. I’ll never forget what she said after that first wonderful fuck. After kissing me gently on my ear, she whispered. “You’re getting a little heavy and I can barely breathe. Could you roll off of me now?” We both chuckled at this as I began to sit up. But my smile quickly turned into a frown, for when I looked dwon at my soft but contented willy, it was we (normal) and it was red (not normal!). Had I hurt myself? Was I bleeding? Then I looked at Nancy’s pussy. Loads of fluids were still oozing out of her, but they were pink and red. Then I looked at the bedspread under her pussy. There was a huge wet area and it was dark red! “My God,” I said.”One of us has cut ourselves!”

I knew almost before those words came out that I had just said something stupid! Nancy’s laughter confirmed it. “You silly boy,” she laughed. “When you pop a girl’s cheffy, she’s supposed to bleed.” Then we both got off the bed to survey the damage. The bedspread looked like it had been through world war 3! “The best thing to do,” I said as I pulled it off the bed, wadded it up and threw it on the laundry pile in the corner, “is to toss this in the washer.” “The best thing to do,” responded Nancy, “is to toss it in the garbage!” We both smiled as I looked at Nancy. Although still a vision of loveliness to me, she and I were both a couple of sweaty, cum and blood stained messes, not unlike that bedspread! “Maybe we both had better hop in the shower ourselves,” I said. I took her hand and walked with her acroose the hall into the bathroom. It turned the water on in the shower and waited for it to get warm, as I thought to myself, “I wonder how many times Nancy and I have hopped into this shower by ourselves? Now we are about to take a shower together for the first time!” And as I was contemplating this pleasant prospect, I became aware of Nancy’s gentle hands touching my limp but happy prick.

“I’ve never touched one of these when it was so soft and even cuddly. I like it,” she said. I smiled. A cuddly dick? That’s a new one. I couldn’t help but lean over and kiss her softly. She looked up with that pretty fact and asked, “What’s that for?”

“Because you’re so beautiful,” I said. We stepped into the shower and let the wonderful warm water rinse us both off. It felt so good (well, not as good as sex, but still pretty good). Then I picked up a bar of soap and began to scrub Nancy’s back. “Uhm,’ she said. “Feels good!” “Turn around,” I said. She turned and faced me, and I began to rub her tits with the soap. “Uhm,” she said. “Feels even better!” After awhile, my hand dropped to her lovely pussy, and I began to rub it softly with the soad. It kept rubbing and rubbing and Nancy kept saying, “Uhmmmmm. That feels sooooooo good!” She was right. For, in spite of the fact that I had had my first blowjob and shot an enormous load of cum, in spite of the fact that I had had my first mind-blowing fuck with another shot of cum, my dick, incredibly, was on the rise once again. The more I rubbed Nancy’s pussy, the higher my cock rose. Noticing that my dick was no longer soft and “cuddly,” Nancy said, “My turn,” and took the soad out of my hands and began to rub my now “semi-erict” prick and balls with it. “Oh, yes,” I siad. “It does feel sooooooooooooo good!”

After several more minutes of rubbing and being rubbed, we finally turned of the water, jumped out of the shower, and hurriedly dried each other off! My dick was standing at full attention again as we literally ran back into the bedroom and jumped on the bed. “This time,” said Nancy, “let me get on top.” “OK,’ I said as I lay flat on my back with my shaft pointing skyward. I could tell Nancy’s cunt was already moist, and not from the shower, as she climbed over my hips and slowly lowered herself down on my prick. First my prick head disappeared. The inch by inch (not too many inches, by the way. At age 15 my willy is probably about five inches standing at full attention). Anyway, inch by inch I waw my hard peter slip its way into Nancy’s beautiful pussy for a seond time that evening. Actually it was pretty dark by now, though neither one of us had much awareness of time. We had turned on the lights when we ran back into the bedroom, of course. We wanted to see what we were doing! And the thing about Nancy being on top, aside from the wonderful feeling it gave me of being completely engulfed by her pussy, was that I could see my dick so clearly as it went in and out of that pussy. And that was a definite turn-on. An even greater turn-on was that I was able to reach up and play with those wonderful titts of Nancy’s, as she was moving her pussy up and down my shaft. God, I was in fuck heaven! I don’t know how long Nancy kept bouncing and I kept pushing as I squeezed her tits (as I said, we weren’t aware of time), but his 2nd fuck seemed to last a lot longer that the 1st one. Nancy was definitely in control, but I didn’t mind. In fact I was enjoying it, may even more than, and certainly as much as the first time. Both of us were moaning and groaning so loud, in fact, that we missed the sound of the front door opening and closing and Jimmy’s voice calling, “Is anybody home?” We were making so much noise upstairs that it had to be obvious that somebody was home! Nancy and I were humping and moaning, and in spite of having already cum twice, it was pretty clear that we had reached a point where we were both about to cum again! This time Nancy was first, and as she reached her climax, she again screamed, “I’m Cumming!” That triggered me into an irreversible flow. But just as I started to shoot my third was of jisim through my prick, I glanced over at the open door. Standing just inside that door was Jimmy and his girlfriend, Melissa. No matter. It was too late. I was cumming and nobdy could have stopped it! Just like I had watched Jimmy shoot his load as he jerked off a few years ago, he now watched me get off a load into our step sister.

I was mortified. I was embarrassed. But most of all, I was scared! Just then Nancy realized something was wrong and turned her head to see her step-brother and his girlfriend standing there. The immediatley gasped and fell off of me (my dick was going down so fast that it offered no resistance!). She ended up lying on her back next to me, completely exposed and looking up directly at Jimmy and Melissa. It was then that I glanced at the clock next to the bed. It was after 9pm. “God,” I though, “why did Jimmy come home so early?” Nancy and I didn’t realize it then, of course, but we must have been quite a slight to those two 17-year-olds right at that moment — two sweaty, naked bodies staring up at them with their private parts not only fully exposed, but dripping with cum and cunt juices. And once again, the moment seemed frozen in time. What was Jimmy going to do? God, I wished I was dead! Then, I noticed something in the dim light of the room. Melissa was rubbing her breasts with one hand, through her clothes, and her pussy with the other. And as I looked at Jimmy even more closely, I saw that his dick was sticking straight out. It was still inside his jeans, but he clearly had a humongous boner! Then Jimmy finally grinned at us, and Nancy and I started to relax a little. He looked at Melissa and said, “Good God, woman, we wanted to sneak in here early and do what they’re doing. They’ve beat us to it!” And then he pulled her over to him and laid on a kiss that had to have taken her breath away. Yet, while he was kissing her, he was also removing her blouse and bra, all in one motion. I never saw anything like it. He was an artists. In the meantime, Melissa was pulling off his shrit and unbuckling and unzipping his pants. If there as a record time for undressing, those two would have beat the record that night. Once they were naked, they continued to perform in front of me and Nacy. Jimmy began rubbing and sucking Melissa[s ample breasts. They were bigger than Nancy’s and MORE than a mouthful! What can I say? They were beautiful! And Melissa’s pussy seemed a little different from Nancy’s. Her cunt hair was much light than Nancy’s, almost blonde, and there was not as much of it as there was above and covering Nancy

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