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My Best friends mom

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: bedroom
Langauge: english
Sex: Male
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

Me and my friend would hang out every weekend. this weekend was a little different. we were going to hang out and go swimming, so we went in mikes pool and swam for a bit, then mikes mom came out. His mom was absolutely gorgeous, she was wearing this one piece bathing suit, it was glinting with sun tan oil that she had just rubbed on. her legs were shining in the sun light.

She said hello and went over to the lawn chair and laid there for an hour, her body was so hot, she had a perfect breasts. not to big, not to small. she was Laying with her legs spread open to tan her inner thighs.

I looked up at her and I started to get aroused. I was going to get out of the pool but I thought that I might as well wait a little bit to admire her beautiful body.

When I got out of the pool his mom looked up at me and said “wow haven’t you grown sense the last time i saw you” and i just replied by saying the she was looking great today, and she smiled.

When i was getting changed in mikes bathroom i saw her walking past the window a couple of times, she peered in looking at me change.

Later that night i went to the bathroom, when i got out i heard someone splashing in the pool, so i went to mikes bedroom. his bedroom had a great view of the pool. i looked through the window and i saw mikes mom, carol skinnie dipping. I was really turned on by this, so i put my hand down my pants and i started to stroke my cock, when she looked up at the window and i quickly hid myself and sneaked back down to the basement.

That night i forgot to pack some pj’s, so i had to sleep in my underwear. I was just about to fall asleep when i heard someone coming down the stairs. I looked up only to see carol wearing this really low-cut blouse showing a lot of cleavage, her breasts were soft and the glistened with the moon light from the window. she was also wearing a short skirt with pantyhose underneath, i had never seen her dress like this before so i thought something was up. she whispered my name and then she said ” you look pretty cold in your boxer, mike has and extra pair of pj’s, do you want to borrow them” I said sure.

As i followed her up stairs, i looked up only to see that she wasn’t wearing and panties under her pantyhose i could see her wonderful ass, and he pussy looked like it was a little wet. she took me up to mikes room and she looked around and bending over to look for them. she turned around and said ” i think the pj’s are im my room, follow me” so i followed her into the room and she told me that they were in the closet.

She went into the walk in closet and shut the door behind her. she said that i could sit on the bed wile i waited.
she then opened the door, there she was fully naked standing right in front of me, I was starting to get a hard on. she walked towards me and said “oops i cant seem to find them, so i guess that we will have to sleep together to keep each other worm.

Then she stared to feel down my boxers, she groped my cock and then she said ” oh i cant wait…” she took off my boxers and laid me down on the bed and she started to lick the tip of my cock. she then sucked on it like no one else could ever do. i sat up and started to rub her wet pussy, she crawled up on the bed and laid down and i want on top of her eating out her sweet supple pussy, she moaned “i want you inside me” i then moved my way up her body and kissed her stomach and then her breasts.

i took my cock and rubbed it on her pussy, she moaned. then i stuck it all the way in there. it was so tight and wet, she started screaming and yelling, then she had her first orgasm. i felt her soft legs wrap around my waist. i pushed even harder and faster, then i said”i cant hold it anymore im cumming im cumming!”

we laid in the bed the whole night kissing and feeling each other, we fell asleep with my cock still in he pussy. She woke up at 10 am, she got up to have a shower. I woke up around the same time to hear her in the shower. I looked in and she was rubbing legs with lotion.i opened the door to the shower and joined her, I stood behind her and moved my hand between her legs and started to finger her pussy she moaned in desire. Then i sliped my penis in he pussy and we had wonderful sex in the shower.

After the shower i went downstairs into the basement, and fake slept on the floor.

Now once a week me and carol get together when mike is at work.

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