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My Beautiful Aunt

Age when it happend: 18
Where it happened: my hot tub
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 3
Category: Straight

I was 18 and just moved out on my own. It was the middle of summer and was hot in my house so I was wearing only boxers. I had been extemely horny that day and was wishing for a hot babe to come over and screw me. That is when my aunt pulled in the drive way.

She asked if she could soak in the hot tub for an hour sincew she just got done with a game of softball in the 9 degree heat. She took off her shirt right inb front of me and I saw her huge breasts confined into a sports bra.

She asked if she coulld just go naked so she wouldn’t have to wear wet clothes home. I said sure and she proceeded to strip in front of me. Seeing her naked small wiast tight ass and huge breasts made me hard. She saw my cock through my boxer and asked if I wanted to join her…

the next thing I remeber was her legs wrapped around me on the side if the hottub. Her breasts were bouncing with every pump as I screwed her. I came and she did too we sat down in the hott ub to relax for a minute when she went under the water and began to give me a blow job. She came up for air and told me to take her to the couch. With her legs wrapped around me I carried her to my couch were we made love for several hours. I had my first experience with anal sex with her…I fucker her ass twice since then…once at the family christmas party…

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