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Mud pie

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: Backyard
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 2
Category: Straight

Me and my Best friend Nicole where sitting at home on a very wet day and my mom said that she hade to go out for a few hours. She left so me and Nicole started to hook in to all the chocolate bickys i grabed the last one before Nicole so she hit me one the arm i chucked half of my biscut at her and we got into a food fight.I then ran outside to get away from the bombardment of food and she followed me out running after me to catch me.because of the rain it was slippery and i sliped on my back and Nicole fell ontop of me. We lay there for a while just looking at each other then she lent forward and kissed my drenched lips i then opened my mouth and let her tonge slip into my mouth. we kissed for about 15 minutes then i sliped my hand up her blouse and felt her hard wet nipples . she groaned lightly and continued to kiss me . I then felt my zipper opening i nearly blew my load all over her hand. she grabed my rock hard cock and storked it gently because of the exitement i didnt realise all the mud that had built up arount us . I couldnt handel it i was hornier than a jackrabbit on speed i grabed her skirt and ripped it off and saw that she had no panties on so i quickly insirted my masive cock into her waiting,wet hole we fucked in that mud hole for about 1 hour till we heard my mom pull up in the driveway we ran inside and cleaned ouselfs up we have only fuck twice after that but they were great

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