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Mrs. C

Age when it happend: 13
Where it happened: My neighbor's house
Langauge: English
Sex: Male
Rating: 8
Category: Straight

At thirteen I was as unaware of life as anybody ever was. The only thing I knew about sex was that it happened between a man and a woman and it was said to be fun.

Mrs. C was an old lady; to me. I found out that she was actually only 30. She was a divorced lady that men seem to swarm around. From what my mother said she was a danger to other women’s marriages. Well, she was certainly attractive – even to me. She had long red hair, green eyes and wore tight clothing that showed off her huge tits and nice ass.

One spring afternoon I was walking past her house on my way home when she called me from her front door. She asked me if I would like to make ten dollars. Of course I said yes. She led me into her bedroom; telling me that no one must ever know about this. I agreed.

She gave me a long kiss on my lips. The first time anyone ever gave me a kiss like that. It made me dizzy. She started to take my shirt off. I was uncomfortable, but her smile reassured me. She then knelt down and undid my pants; pulling them down along with my shorts. She oohed and ahhhed over the size of my cock which was getting hard. I had always thought my cock was small.

She began to lick and kiss my cock and lick and kiss my balls. It was vey long before I was as hard as I got when I was jerking off at night. She told me that she love to suck a young and hard cock. She was right. She licked the underside of the head and up and down the side of the shaft. I was beginning to quiver all over like I did when I masturbated. She then took my whole cock into her mouth and began to bob back and forth with a twisting motion that felt so fucking good. She grabbed the cheeks of my ass pulled me forward until her nose hit my hair. My cock exploded; spewing my cum into her mouth and throat. She milked every ounce of cum out of me with her mouth and tongue. She asked me if I liked that, and I responded with a loud yes. She massaged and licked me until I was hard again. She told that this time I was to grab her hair and fuck her face hard. I tangled my hands in her beautiful hair and eased my cock into her mouth. She commanded me to fuck her face hard. I thrusted in and out of her until I was afraid of hurting her, but she took it and swallowed the next load of cum.

All spring and the early part of summer I would stop in her house two or three times a week to collect ten dollars for letting her give me a blow job. But from a neighbor my parents found out about my visits. I finally had to tell them what went on in her house. There was a huge comotion about that. There was talk about me having to testify in court, but it never happened. Mrs. C went to jail for six months and then moved away.

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