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mother-son lov’n

Age when it happend: 48
Where it happened: my house
Langauge: english
Sex: Female
Rating: 9
Category: Straight

I am almost embarrassed to say that I pretty much seduced my son. I have been divorced from his father now for twelve years, and there was nothing ever going on while he was growing up. Now, though, that he’s 26, the two of us have started to have a very good relationship as friends. One day when he was over at my house it was raining outside so we sat in the living room and watched TV. We were sitting there together with our shoes off and barefoot,cuddling up together a little on the sofa and being quite nonchalant about it. I asked him if he minded his mother being in an affectionate mood. He smiled and said no, that he felt relaxed about it, and pointed out that it was not like there was anyone there to see us. I teased him and made some quip about how that was good in case we got carried away. He thought that was amusing and we sort of talked about how if things like that were consentual that it was okay. Trying to be casual about it I asked if how he would feel getting carried away with his mother, just for fun. He acted shy about it, but said that if that was something I felt like doing, that it was okay with him.
I gave him a little kiss and we snuggled some more, and playfully he put his hand on my breast, which I smiled at and let him know that it was okay. We did some playful little kisses and he felt my breasts some more, and feeling very daring I went ahead and took my blouse and bra off. He was surprised and he played with my bare breasts and started kissing my nipples. I loved it. I suggested that we could take off our clothes and he was all for it. In a minute more we were both naked on the sofa. I was pleasantly surprised by what a nice boner he had. I leaned over and sucked on it and that was all it took! I was laying back on the sofa and we were doing it. I hadn’t been fucked like that it years and it felt so good nand so exciting to be doing it with my own son! I loved it and so did he! Once was not enough, though. After we finished doing it the first time, we did it again about twenty minutes later! I suspected that there are a great many mothers out there with the same story.

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